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10 Things Pit Bull Parents Are Sick Of Hearing

| Published on May 1, 2015

We see unfortunate stories in the news often about Pit Bulls that make them seem like bad dogs – but iHeartDogs believes that there’s no such thing as a “bad breed”. Anyone who has ever loved a Pit Bull will tell you what sweet, loyal, eager-to-please dogs they are. With love, Pit Bulls are great family dogs and loyal companions.

People who have a Pit Bull or Pit Mix are used to getting dirty looks and comments when they take their best friend out in public. It can be hurtful, especially when they know that their dog is nothing like the ugly picture other people have painted in their heads. Can you imagine someone refusing to let your dog play with theirs, or telling you that your best friend should be banned just because of their breed, no matter how sweet they are? It would break anybody’s heart.

These are a few things Pit Bull lovers don’t want to hear.

#1 – “You can’t live here”

Many rentals and even some cities, such as Denver, have laws prohibiting you from living there if you have a Pit Bull. Imagine finding the perfect place to live only to be turned away because of your dog.

#2 – “You shouldn’t have a pit bull around kids”

Despite the fact that they are the original nanny dog? All dogs should be supervised around kids, not just pitties.

#3 – “You have a pit bull? You know their dangerous right?”

Any dog can be dangerous, if it wasn’t properly socialized or trained, or if it gets scared enough.

#4 –“If he bites, his jaw will lock and he won’t let go”

This is a myth, which makes it even more hurtful when it’s said as a reason their dog should not exist.

#5 – “You can’t board your dog here”

Like housing, some boarding facilities won’t take a pitty, making going out of town more difficult for owners of this breed than others.

#6 –  “You can’t have a pit bull as a service dog”

This former police officer was actually asked to leave a restaurant because his service dog is a pit bull.

#7 – “All pit bulls should be killed”

Such a blanket statement is proof that ignorance and prejudice are things we humans just can’t evolve past.

#8 – “Pit bulls are the most aggressive breed ever”

Actually, a recent study showed the dachshund to be the most aggressive breed.

#9 – “Pit bulls can’t be trusted around other animals”

Any dog that hasn’t been properly socialized can harm another animal – regardless of breed. And many pitties love their multi-species household.

Bowser and his foster kitties. Read more about him here. (@bowserandmack/IG)

#10 – “You adopted a pit bull?! Why didn’t you get a better dog?”

People just don’t understand how much it hurts to have them say this about your new family member.

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