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101 Female Australian Shepherd Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 19, 2023

Choosing the perfect name for your new Australian Shepherd can be as fun and exciting as it is challenging. Known for their vibrant energy, intelligence, and striking coat colors, Australian Shepherds deserve names that match their unique personality and beautiful appearance. This list contains a blend of popular dog names as well as some creative options inspired by the breed’s distinctive traits. Each name comes with a brief explanation to help you find the perfect match for your Aussie.

101 Girl Australian Shepherd Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Acacia: Named after an Australian tree, perfect for a nature-loving Australian Shepherd.
  2. Amber: Denoting the color of amber, suitable for an Aussie with a golden coat.
  3. Ariel: Hebrew for “lion of God”, for your brave Aussie.
  4. Astra: Greek for ‘star’, for an Australian Shepherd who shines in your life.
  5. Aurora: Meaning ‘dawn’, for your radiant Aussie.
  6. Azure: French for ‘blue’, ideal for a blue merle Australian Shepherd.
  7. Bailey: Meaning ‘law enforcer’, perfect for an obedient Australian Shepherd.
  8. Bella: Italian for ‘beautiful’, a popular name fitting for a lovely Aussie.
  9. Bindi: An Australian Aboriginal name meaning ‘little girl’.
  10. Bluebell: For an Australian Shepherd with a blue merle coat.
  11. Blush: A cute name for an Aussie with a red or pinkish coat.
  12. Brisbane: After the Australian city, for an Aussie with a big personality.
  13. Cali: Short for California, where the Australian Shepherd breed was developed.
  14. Cedar: Named after the strong and durable tree, suitable for a robust Aussie.
  15. Cherry: For a sweet and lovable Australian Shepherd.
  16. Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, suitable for a regal Australian Shepherd.
  17. Coral: Named after the Great Barrier Reef coral, for a colorful Aussie.
  18. Daisy: After the cheerful and resilient flower.
  19. Dazzle: For an Australian Shepherd with a dazzling and striking coat.
  20. Delta: Greek letter shaped like a triangle, for a well-rounded Aussie.
  21. Dixie: For an Aussie with a lot of Southern charm.
  22. Dusty: Perfect for an Australian Shepherd with a dust-colored coat.
  23. Echo: For a responsive and attentive Aussie.
  24. Ember: For a fiery and passionate Australian Shepherd.
  25. Fern: After the resilient and lush green plant.
  26. Flicker: For an Aussie that is quick and light on her feet.
  27. Freya: Norse goddess of love and beauty, for a lovable Aussie.
  28. Galaxy: For an Aussie who has a world of her own.
  29. Ginger: Perfect for a reddish Australian Shepherd.
  30. Goldie: Ideal for an Australian Shepherd with a golden coat.
  31. Harmony: For an Aussie that brings balance and peace to your life.
  32. Hazel: After the tree or the color, perfect for an Aussie with hazel eyes.
  33. Heidi: Meaning ‘nobility’, suitable for a noble and elegant Aussie.
  34. Holly: After the winter plant, for a puppy born around Christmas.
  35. Indigo: For a blue Australian Shepherd, after the deep, rich color.
  36. Iris: Named after the beautiful flower, or for a dog with stunning eyes.
  37. Ivy: After the evergreen climbing plant, for an Aussie that loves outdoor adventure.
  38. Jade: Named after the precious green stone, suitable for a valuable Aussie.
  39. Jasmine: After the fragrant flower, for a sweet-natured Australian Shepherd.
  40. Jazz: For an Aussie that adds rhythm and bounce to your life.
  41. Jewel: Perfect for your precious Australian Shepherd.
  42. Juno: Roman queen of the gods, suitable for a regal Aussie.
  43. Kangaroo (Rooney for short): For an energetic Australian Shepherd.
  44. Koala: For an Aussie that loves to cuddle and cling.
  45. Lacey: Meaning ‘cheerful’, ideal for a joyful Aussie.
  46. Lady: For an elegant and well-mannered Australian Shepherd.
  47. Lavender: For a calm and soothing Australian Shepherd.
  48. Liberty (Libby for short): For an independent and free-spirited Aussie.
  49. Lucky: Because you’re fortunate to have your Aussie and vice versa.
  50. Luna: Latin for ‘moon’, for a mystical and serene Aussie.
  51. Maggie: Meaning ‘pearl’, for a valuable Australian Shepherd.
  52. Marigold: After the resilient flower, perfect for a bright and strong Aussie.
  53. Matilda: Meaning ‘might, power’, for a strong Aussie, and also an Australian cultural reference.
  54. Melody: For an Australian Shepherd that brings rhythm and harmony to your life.
  55. Merlot: Perfect for a deep-red Aussie.
  56. Merry: For an Australian Shepherd that’s full of joy.
  57. Misty: Perfect for a blue or grey Aussie.
  58. Nova: Latin for ‘new’, for your new family member.
  59. Nutmeg: Perfect for a light brown Australian Shepherd.
  60. Olive: For an Aussie with a peaceful and harmonious temperament.
  61. Opal: Australia’s national gemstone, for a precious Australian Shepherd.
  62. Outback: After the remote and rural parts of Australia.
  63. Paisley: For a sophisticated and elegant Australian Shepherd.
  64. Paprika: Perfect for a reddish Aussie.
  65. Pebbles: For a small and cute Australian Shepherd puppy.
  66. Pepper: For a lively and spirited Australian Shepherd.
  67. Periwinkle (Peri for short): For a playful and energetic Aussie.
  68. Phoenix: For an Aussie that is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.
  69. Pippa: Meaning ‘lover of horses’, but suitable for an Aussie who loves to herd.
  70. Poppy: After the red flower, perfect for a red Australian Shepherd.
  71. Princess: For an Australian Shepherd that’s treated like royalty.
  72. Quartz: After the Australian quartz crystal, for a resilient Aussie.
  73. Queenie: For an Australian Shepherd with a majestic demeanor.
  74. Rainbow: For a multicolored Australian Shepherd.
  75. Raven: For an Australian Shepherd with a dark coat.
  76. Rebel: For an independent and spirited Australian Shepherd.
  77. River: For an Aussie that loves to swim.
  78. Rosie: For a lovable and cheerful Australian Shepherd.
  79. Ruby: After the precious red gemstone, suitable for a reddish Australian Shepherd.
  80. Sable: For a dark-coated Australian Shepherd.
  81. Sapphire: After the precious blue gemstone, suitable for a blue merle Aussie.
  82. Savannah: For an Aussie that loves open spaces.
  83. Scarlet: Perfect for a deep-red Australian Shepherd.
  84. Skye: For an Australian Shepherd with a coat as blue as the sky.
  85. Smokey: Perfect for a gray Australian Shepherd.
  86. Snowflake: For a white or light-colored Australian Shepherd.
  87. Star: For the Australian Shepherd that outshines all others.
  88. Sunny: For an Australian Shepherd that brightens your day.
  89. Sydney: After the famous Australian city.
  90. Tango: For an Aussie that has rhythm and loves to ‘dance’.
  91. Tasmanian Devil (Tazzy for short): For a whirlwind Australian Shepherd.
  92. Topaz: After the precious stone, for a precious Australian Shepherd.
  93. Violet: After the beautiful flower, for a beautiful Australian Shepherd.
  94. Whisper: For a quiet and calm Australian Shepherd.
  95. Willow: After the graceful tree, for a graceful Aussie.
  96. Wombat: For a lovable and cuddly Australian Shepherd.
  97. Yara: Aboriginal name meaning ‘seagull’, for a beach-loving Aussie.
  98. Zara: Meaning ‘princess’, for a regal Australian Shepherd.
  99. Zinnia: After the vibrant flower, perfect for a vibrant Aussie.
  100. Zoe: Meaning ‘life’, suitable for a lively Australian Shepherd.
  101. Zorro: Spanish for ‘fox’, for a clever and quick Australian Shepherd.

Choosing a name for your Australian Shepherd is an important part of welcoming her into your home. Whether you decide to honor her Australian roots, her dynamic personality, or her beautiful coat colors, make sure to pick a name that resonates with her unique identity. Each time you call her name, it should remind you of those unique traits that made you fall in love with her. Ultimately, the best name is one that strengthens the bond between you and your Aussie, enriching your shared journey.

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