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101 Female Bichon Frise Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 20, 2023

Choosing a name for your new Bichon Frise puppy is an exciting part of welcoming her into your home. It’s important to find a name that not only suits her adorable, fluffy appearance but also reflects her playful and charming personality. Whether you prefer something classic, chic, or totally unique, your Bichon Frise’s name should resonate with you and feel like a perfect match for your canine companion.

101 Girl Bichon Frise Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Amelie: French name meaning “hardworking,” perfect for the industrious Bichon Frise.
  2. Aster: After the white flower, reflecting the breed’s coat.
  3. Angel – Apt for a Bichon Frise due to her heavenly and innocent appearance.
  4. Aria – An Italian word for ‘melody,’ suggesting your pup’s charming voice.
  5. Ariel – Meaning ‘lion of God’ in Hebrew, it’s a playful yet regal name.
  6. Bella: Means “beautiful” in Italian, ideal for your lovely Bichon Frise.
  7. Blossom: Symbolizes the blooming nature of their personality.
  8. Ballerina – An homage to the graceful and nimble nature of this breed.
  9. Belle – French for ‘beautiful,’ a classic choice for a lovely dog.
  10. Biscuit – Because she’s as cute and irresistible as a cookie.
  11. Blanca – Spanish for ‘white,’ reflecting your pup’s pure white fur.
  12. Bubble: For a Bichon with a bubbly, effervescent personality.
  13. Buffy: A cute name for a dog with a fluffy white coat.
  14. Blizzard – A fun and snowy name for a fluffy white dog.
  15. Bonnie – Scottish for ‘pretty,’ making it an ideal name for a beautiful dog.
  16. Buttercup – For a pet who is as lovely and delicate as a flower.
  17. Champagne – A chic and bubbly name for a luxurious little pet.
  18. Chiffon: A fluffy, light material, similar to the Bichon’s coat.
  19. Candy: A sweet treat for your eyes, just like your dog.
  20. Cloud: A perfect depiction of their fluffy coat.
  21. Crème: For a dog with a white coat, like the color of cream.
  22. Charmin – Inspired by the Bichon Frise’s charming and lovable nature.
  23. Cherry – A sweet and fruity name for a lovable dog.
  24. Coco – Perfect for a sweet and warm-hearted dog, like the cocoa drink.
  25. Cotton – A fitting name for a Bichon Frise due to its fluffy, cotton-like coat.
  26. Cuddles – Ideal for a pet that loves to snuggle.
  27. Daisy – A popular name for a dog as pure and pretty as a flower.
  28. Diva: For the Bichon Frise that loves being the center of attention.
  29. Duchess: A noble name for a dignified female Bichon.
  30. Dolly – Because she’s as adorable and cuddly as a doll.
  31. Dove – Suits a peaceful and gentle-natured dog.
  32. Elf: A cute name for a small dog, reflecting Bichon’s playful and magical personality.
  33. Ellie – A friendly name for a dog, meaning ‘shining light.’
  34. Fairy – A whimsical name for a petite and delightful Bichon Frise.
  35. Fluffy – An adorable name inspired by her cottony-soft coat.
  36. Freya – A Norse goddess, for a dog with a commanding presence.
  37. Frosty: For a Bichon’s winter-white coat.
  38. Giggles – For a happy-go-lucky dog who brings joy to your life.
  39. Gigi: French for “earth-worker,” representing the breed’s French origins.
  40. Ginger – A name full of spice, for a dog with a zesty personality.
  41. Grace – A gentle and elegant name befitting a Bichon Frise.
  42. Harmony – Suits a pup that brings balance and peace into your life.
  43. Honey – A sweet name for a Bichon Frise who is as delightful as honey.
  44. Icy – A cool and fresh name for a white-furred dog.
  45. Iris – Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, suitable for a colorful character.
  46. Ivory – A refined name that reflects the color of your pup’s coat.
  47. Jasmine – An exotic and fragrant flower, fitting for a sweet-smelling dog.
  48. Joy – For a Bichon Frise who fills your home with happiness.
  49. Juno – After the Roman goddess, for a dog with a strong and protective nature.
  50. Kisses – For a pup who loves to shower you with affection.
  51. Lady – An elegant name for a refined and graceful dog.
  52. Lily – A delicate and pure flower, a fitting name for a pretty pup.
  53. Lulu – A fun and friendly name, derived from the Latin for ‘pearl.’
  54. Luna – A mystical name for a Bichon Frise, meaning ‘moon.’
  55. Marshmallow – Perfect for a squishy, soft, and sweet dog.
  56. Mia – Italian for ‘mine,’ reflecting the deep bond between you and your pet.
  57. Mimi – A cute and endearing name, great for a small and sweet dog.
  58. Misty – For a dog whose fluffy white coat is reminiscent of fog.
  59. Nala – After the lioness in ‘The Lion King,’ perfect for a brave and loyal pet.
  60. Nellie – A cute and friendly name, meaning ‘shining light.’
  61. Opal – After the precious gemstone, reflecting your pup’s value and rarity.
  62. Paisley – An intricate and beautiful pattern, fitting for a special dog.
  63. Paris – Named after the romantic and chic city, for a sophisticated pet.
  64. Peaches – A sweet and juicy name for a delightful dog.
  65. Pearl – A precious gem, reflecting your pup’s priceless nature.
  66. Penny – For a pup that’s as precious as a coin.
  67. Pepper – A vibrant and spicy name for a dog with a lively character.
  68. Periwinkle – After the delicate flower, reflecting the gentleness of your pup.
  69. Pixie – A playful and whimsical name, perfect for a small and feisty pet.
  70. Poppy – A bright and cheerful flower, fitting for a joyful pup.
  71. Princess – For a Bichon Frise who is treated like royalty.
  72. Rainbow – A colorful and vibrant name for a pet who brings joy to your life.
  73. Rosie – A rosy and cheerful name, perfect for a loving pup.
  74. Ruby – After the precious gem, reflecting your pet’s precious nature.
  75. Sapphire – A deep blue gemstone, for a dog with eyes as bright as jewels.
  76. Sasha – A strong and powerful name, meaning ‘defender.’
  77. Snowflake – A unique and delicate name, ideal for a white-coated Bichon Frise.
  78. Snowy – A playful name, perfect for a fluffy white Bichon Frise.
  79. Sophie – A timeless name meaning ‘wisdom,’ for a smart Bichon Frise.
  80. Sparkle – For a Bichon Frise whose spirit shines brightly.
  81. Star – For a Bichon Frise who is the star of your home.
  82. Sugar – A sweet name for a sweet-natured pup.
  83. Sunny – For a dog that brings warmth and happiness into your life.
  84. Taffy – A sweet and sticky name, perfect for a dog you can’t resist.
  85. Teacup – An adorable name for a petite and precious Bichon Frise.
  86. Tiffany – Meaning ‘manifestation of God,’ for a pet that’s a gift from above.
  87. Tootsie – A sweet and adorable name for a small and cuddly pet.
  88. Truffle – For a dog that’s as rare and delightful as a gourmet treat.
  89. Twinkle – For a Bichon Frise with a twinkle in her eye.
  90. Venus – After the Roman goddess of love, perfect for a loving dog.
  91. Whisper – For a quiet and gentle dog.
  92. Willow – After the graceful tree, for a dog with a gentle nature.
  93. Windy – A playful and breezy name for an energetic dog.
  94. Winnie – Meaning ‘happiness,’ perfect for a cheerful dog.
  95. Winter – A frosty and cool name, suitable for a white-coated dog.
  96. Xena – Meaning ‘guest,’ perfect for a dog who loves company.
  97. Yara – An Arabic name meaning ‘small butterfly,’ suitable for a delicate and beautiful Bichon Frise.
  98. Yuki – Japanese for ‘snow,’ perfect for a white Bichon Frise.
  99. Zara – An Arabic name meaning ‘flower,’ for a beautiful and delicate Bichon Frise.
  100. Zelda – Meaning ‘blessed and happy,’ for a Bichon Frise who brings joy.
  101. Zinnia – A bright and beautiful flower, perfect for a vibrant dog.

Choosing the perfect name for your Bichon Frise is no small task. This list is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration, whether you’re looking for something unique, classic, or downright cute. Remember, the best name for your dog is one that makes you smile every time you call it. Happy naming!

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