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101 Female German Shepherd Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 16, 2023

Choosing the perfect name for your German Shepherd can be both exciting and challenging. You want a name that resonates with her personality, represents her robust heritage, and is fitting for a breed renowned for intelligence, courage, and loyalty. Whether you’re inclined towards a traditional German name or prefer something more universal, we’ve curated a list of 101 female dog name ideas for your German Shepherd. Each name carries a special meaning or unique relevance, making the selection process easier and more meaningful.

  1. Ada – In German, Ada means noble and serene, fitting for a German Shepherd’s calm demeanor.
  2. Alma – Spanish origin, meaning “soul.” A good choice for your spiritual companion.
  3. Amelia – Means industrious and striving, representative of German Shepherds’ hardworking nature.
  4. Anka – A traditional German name meaning “grace.”
  5. Astra – Means “star” in Latin, for the dog who is the light of your life.
  6. Ava – A trendy name of Germanic origin, meaning “life.”
  7. Bailey – An English name meaning “law enforcer,” perfect for a German Shepherd.
  8. Bella – Italian for “beautiful,” a favorite among dog owners.
  9. Berta – Means “bright,” “intelligent” in German. Apt for the smart German Shepherd.
  10. Blitz – In German, Blitz means “lightning,” ideal for a fast, energetic dog.
  11. Briana – Of Celtic origin, meaning “strong” – a perfect match for a sturdy Shepherd.
  12. Cara – Means “friend” in Irish, perfect for your loyal companion.
  13. Celeste – This Latin name means “heavenly,” for your divine furry friend.
  14. Chloe – A popular name meaning “blooming” or “fertility” in Greek.
  15. Dakota – Of Native American origin, meaning “friendly one.”
  16. Daisy – A popular, cheerful name often used for dogs.
  17. Daphne – Greek origin, meaning “laurel tree.” An excellent choice for nature lovers.
  18. Elsa – A traditional German name meaning “noble,” a fine fit for a noble breed.
  19. Ember – An English name signifying the warm glowing remains of a fire.
  20. Emma – A German name meaning “whole” or “universal.”
  21. Erika – A classic German name meaning “eternal ruler.”
  22. Fiona – A Scottish name meaning “fair” or “white.”
  23. Freya – In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  24. Frida – Means “peaceful ruler,” fitting for a calm and commanding German Shepherd.
  25. Gabi – A diminutive of the German name Gabrielle, meaning “God is my strength.”
  26. Ginger – Perfect for a German Shepherd with a reddish coat.
  27. Greta – A short form of Margareta, meaning “pearl” in German.
  28. Hazel – An English name for a brown-eyed or brown-coated dog.
  29. Heidi – Of German origin, meaning “noble and kind.”
  30. Hilda – A traditional German name meaning “battle woman.”
  31. Ida – Of German origin, meaning “industrious one.”
  32. Iris – Named after the beautiful flower, a popular choice for female dogs.
  33. Isa – In German, Isa means “strong-willed.”
  34. Jada – A Hebrew name meaning “wise,” apt for the intelligent German Shepherd.
  35. Jasmine – After the sweet-smelling flower, a favorite among dog owners.
  36. Juno – Named after the Roman goddess, protector of the community.
  37. Kira – A Russian name meaning “leader of the people,” fitting for a shepherd.
  38. Klara – A German name meaning “bright” and “clear.”
  39. Lara – Of Greek origin, meaning “cheerful,” for your jovial Shepherd.
  40. Layla – Arabic for “night,” a beautiful name for a black-coated Shepherd.
  41. Lena – Short for Helena, meaning “light” in Greek.
  42. Lila – A popular name of Persian origin, meaning “lilac tree.”
  43. Lola – A Spanish name meaning “sorrow,” perfect for your empathetic companion.
  44. Lottie – A cute, friendly name, short for Charlotte.
  45. Lucy – Latin for “light,” a common choice for dogs.
  46. Luna – Meaning “moon” in Latin, a popular name for dogs.
  47. Mabel – A Latin name meaning “lovable” and “dear.”
  48. Macy – An Old French name meaning “weapon,” fitting for a protective breed.
  49. Maddie – A popular diminutive of Madison or Madeline, meaning “high tower.”
  50. Maja – A German name meaning “great,” reflecting your Shepherd’s stature.
  51. Marley – A popular, friendly name often used for dogs.
  52. Maya – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “water.”
  53. Mia – A Scandinavian name meaning “dear.”
  54. Mika – Of Japanese origin, meaning “beautiful fragrance.”
  55. Mila – A popular name of Slavic origin, meaning “gracious” or “dear.”
  56. Molly – A popular, friendly name often used for dogs.
  57. Nala – Swahili for “gift,” fitting for your precious companion.
  58. Nina – A Spanish name meaning “little girl,” perfect for your puppy.
  59. Nora – Of English origin, meaning “honor.”
  60. Nova – Latin for “new,” a trendy choice for dogs.
  61. Olga – A traditional German name meaning “holy.”
  62. Olivia – A popular Latin name meaning “olive tree.”
  63. Penny – A cute, friendly name, often used for dogs.
  64. Piper – An English name meaning “pipe player,” for your musical Shepherd.
  65. Pixie – A whimsical name, perfect for a playful, lively Shepherd.
  66. Poppy – After the beautiful red flower, a common choice for female dogs.
  67. Quinn – An Irish name meaning “wisdom” and “reason.”
  68. Raina – Of German origin, meaning “mighty.”
  69. Riley – An Irish name meaning “courageous,” apt for a German Shepherd.
  70. Roxy – A playful and spunky name, fitting for an energetic Shepherd.
  71. Ruby – After the precious red gemstone, a common choice for female dogs.
  72. Sadie – A popular name of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess.”
  73. Sasha – A Russian name meaning “defender of mankind.”
  74. Stella – A popular Latin name meaning “star.”
  75. Tasha – A Russian name meaning “birthday.”
  76. Tessa – Of Greek origin, meaning “to reap,” for your hardworking Shepherd.
  77. Trixie – A playful, friendly name, often used for dogs.
  78. Uma – Of Indian origin, meaning “tranquility.”
  79. Ursula – A classic German name meaning “little bear.”
  80. Vega – Named after one of the brightest stars in the sky.
  81. Venus – Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  82. Wanda – Of German origin, meaning “wanderer.”
  83. Willow – After the graceful tree, a popular choice for female dogs.
  84. Xena – A Greek name meaning “foreigner,” for your unique Shepherd.
  85. Yara – Of Brazilian origin, meaning “water lady.”
  86. Yoko – A Japanese name meaning “positive.”
  87. Zara – Of Arabic origin, meaning “blooming flower.”
  88. Zelda – A German name meaning “gray fighting maid.”
  89. Zia – Of Arabic origin, meaning “light.”
  90. Zoe – A popular Greek name meaning “life.”
  91. Zola – An Italian name meaning “ball of earth.”
  92. Zuri – A Swahili name meaning “beautiful.”
  93. Liesel – A German name meaning “God is my oath.”
  94. Trudy – Of German origin, meaning “universal strength.”
  95. Annie – A popular English name meaning “grace.”
  96. Millie – A German name meaning “strength and determination.”
  97. Gretel – Of German origin, meaning “pearl.”
  98. Sofie – A Greek name meaning “wisdom.”
  99. Ella – Of English origin, meaning “beautiful fairy.”
  100. Mina – In German, Mina means “love.”
  101. Heike – A German name meaning “ruling the home.”

Choosing the right name for your German Shepherd isn’t just about the sound or popularity; it’s about the bond you share and the mutual respect that comes with it. The right name mirrors your dog’s unique personality and the strong connection you have. It captures your German Shepherd’s courageous spirit, loyal nature, and admirable intelligence. With this list, you are well-equipped to find the perfect name for your new best friend.

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