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101 Female Whippet Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene D.
Arlene A. Divina, a resident of the Philippines, is a devoted fur mom to two adorable dogs: a Shih Tzu and a Beagle. With a passion for animals and storytelling, Arlene has channeled her love for dogs into her career as a content writer at iHeartDogs. Her writing captures the essence of the bond between humans and their furry companions, offering insights, tips, and heartfelt stories to a wide audience of dog enthusiasts. Read more
| Published on June 21, 2023

Choosing the perfect name for your Whippet can be quite an adventure. Known for their speed and agility, Whippets are a sighthound breed that originated in England. These dogs are admired for their friendly demeanor, athletic prowess, and sleek, streamlined bodies. By taking cues from their physical characteristics, historical lineage, and engaging personality traits, we’ve compiled a list of 101 female dog names with a brief explanation for each. Explore this alphabetical list to find the best fit for your Whippet.

101 Girl Whippet Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Agile: A nod to the Whippet’s speed and agility.
  2. Arrow: A name that highlights the Whippet’s speed and precision.
  3. Amber: A warm and cozy name for a Whippet with a golden coat.
  4. Aurora: After the beautiful natural light display, for your beautiful Whippet.
  5. Ballet: A graceful and delicate name, perfect for a Whippet.
  6. Bliss: Celebrating the joy and happiness your Whippet brings.
  7. Breeze: Reflecting the Whippet’s light, breezy movements.
  8. Bella: Italian for “beautiful,” a popular choice for any female dog.
  9. Coco: A sweet and cozy name, like the warm, chocolatey color of some Whippets.
  10. Cinder: Perfect for a Whippet with a soft, gray coat.
  11. Crystal: Reflecting the clear and pure love of your Whippet.
  12. Cascade: Reflecting the smooth and flowing movements of your Whippet.
  13. Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, a name fitting for a queenly Whippet.
  14. Delight: Because your Whippet is a true joy.
  15. Dewdrop: Perfect for a Whippet as delicate and refreshing as a morning dewdrop.
  16. Dove: A peaceful and elegant name for a gentle Whippet.
  17. Daisy: A classic, cheery name for a dog with a sunny disposition.
  18. Dash: To showcase the Whippet’s speed and agility.
  19. Echo: Reflecting the Whippet’s swift, almost echoing movements.
  20. Elegant: Celebrating the Whippet’s graceful and refined nature.
  21. Effervescent: For a Whippet that’s full of life and energy.
  22. Echo: For a Whippet that follows you everywhere.
  23. Eva: Meaning “life” in Hebrew, a testament to the Whippet’s vibrant nature.
  24. Flame: A warm and cozy name, for your warm and cozy Whippet.
  25. Flicker: Reflecting the quick and nimble movements of your Whippet.
  26. Feather: For a Whippet as light and delicate as a feather.
  27. Fawn: Inspired by the light brown, the deer-like color of some Whippets.
  28. Grace: Perfect for the elegant and graceful Whippet.
  29. Gazelle: Reflecting the Whippet’s deer-like speed and grace.
  30. Glitter: Perfect for a Whippet that brings sparkle to your life.
  31. Ginger: A sweet and spicy name for a Whippet with a ginger coat.
  32. Harmony: Perfect for a Whippet that brings balance and peace.
  33. Honey: A sweet name for a sweet Whippet.
  34. Harmony: Perfect for a Whippet that brings balance and peace into your life.
  35. Hazel: For Whippets with warm, hazel-colored eyes.
  36. Iris: A beautiful name for a beautiful dog.
  37. Ivory: A beautiful name for a Whippet with a soft, light coat.
  38. Isabelle: A classic and elegant name for a Whippet.
  39. Ivy: As resilient and graceful as the plant.
  40. Joy: A name that reflects the happiness your Whippet brings.
  41. Jubilee: Celebrating the joy and celebration your Whippet brings.
  42. Jet: For Whippets with a sleek, black coat, like a jet stone.
  43. Jade: An exotic gem, for an exotic breed.
  44. Kiki: A fun and quirky name for a spirited Whippet.
  45. Kindle: Symbolizing the warm and loving nature of your Whippet.
  46. Keen: Perfect for a Whippet with a sharp and observant nature.
  47. Kaleidoscope: For a Whippet that brings color and variety into your life.
  48. Kite: To depict the Whippet’s swift and soaring nature.
  49. Lavender: A calming and soothing name, just like the flower.
  50. Lark: For a Whippet that loves to play and frolic.
  51. Lily: A classic and beautiful name, perfect for any female dog.
  52. Luna: Latin for “moon,” a beautiful name for a striking dog.
  53. Misty: Perfect for a Whippet with a soft, gray coat.
  54. Muse: Perfect for a Whippet that inspires you every day.
  55. Moonbeam: Reflecting the gentle and soft light your Whippet brings into your life.
  56. Miracle: Because your Whippet is a true blessing.
  57. Nova: A star that shines brightly, just like your Whippet.
  58. Nectar: A sweet name for a sweet Whippet.
  59. Nebula: A beautiful and celestial name for a starry-eyed Whippet.
  60. Nimble: Reflecting the Whippet’s agility and quick movements.
  61. Olive: A cute name for a Whippet with a dark, olive-toned coat.
  62. Opal: A beautiful, iridescent gemstone to match your beautiful pup.
  63. Oceana: For a Whippet that loves the water.
  64. Orchid: A beautiful and exotic name for a beautiful Whippet.
  65. Pixie: A playful and magical name for a playful Whippet.
  66. Petal: Reflecting the delicate and beautiful nature of your Whippet.
  67. Pippa: A playful name for a Whippet with a lively spirit.
  68. Pearl: A classic name that reflects the precious nature of your Whippet.
  69. Quicksilver: A testament to the Whippet’s speed and sleekness.
  70. Quiver: For a Whippet as swift and precise as an arrow from a quiver.
  71. Quartz: A beautiful and sturdy gem, perfect for your beautiful Whippet.
  72. Ripple: For the ripple effect of joy your Whippet brings into your life.
  73. Rainbow: Reflecting the joy and color a Whippet brings into your life.
  74. Rose: Simple, elegant, and timeless, like your Whippet.
  75. Swift: Inspired by the Whippet’s incredible speed.
  76. Sapphire: A precious gemstone, just like your precious Whippet.
  77. Serenity: Perfect for a Whippet that brings peace and calms into your life.
  78. Silhouette: A sophisticated and graceful name for a Whippet.
  79. Tango: For a Whippet that loves to dance and move.
  80. Twinkle: For a Whippet that shines brightly in your life.
  81. Tinkerbell: Perfect for a Whippet as delicate and charming as the fairy.
  82. Tulip: A charming name for a charming dog.
  83. Una: Meaning “one” in Spanish, perfect for your number one pup.
  84. Unity: A beautiful name that celebrates the bond between you and your Whippet.
  85. Umbra: Latin for “shadow,” for your ever-present Whippet companion.
  86. Venus: After the goddess of love, for your loving Whippet.
  87. Vixen: Reflecting the playful and mischievous nature of your Whippet.
  88. Velvet: For the Whippet’s soft and smooth coat.
  89. Whimsy: For a Whippet with a playful and fanciful nature.
  90. Whirlwind: Reflecting the Whippet’s swift, energetic nature.
  91. Whisper: Perfect for a quiet and gentle Whippet.
  92. Willow: As graceful and flexible as the tree.
  93. Xanadu: An ideal place of beauty, luxury, and delight, much like life with your Whippet.
  94. Xena: After the warrior princess, for your brave and bold Whippet.
  95. Xylophone: A quirky and fun name for a Whippet with a musical spirit.
  96. Yara: An indigenous Brazilian name meaning “lady of the water.”
  97. Yonder: For a Whippet that loves to explore and roam.
  98. Yolo: An acronym for “you only live once,” for your fun-loving Whippet.
  99. Zephyr: The Greek god of the west wind, for your swift and breezy Whippet.
  100. Zest: Perfect for a Whippet with a zest for life.
  101. Zippy: Perfect for a Whippet with a lively and quick personality.

Choosing a name for your new Whippet is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond and understand her unique personality. This list of 101 female dog names offers an array of options inspired by the Whippet’s unique traits, popular dog names, and fun, creative options. May the name you select reflect the incredible friendship that you and your Whippet will share in the years to come.

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