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101 Male Boxer Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 14, 2023

Choosing a name for your new Boxer pup can be quite the challenge! After all, it’s not just about picking a name that sounds cute – it’s about finding a name that fits your pet’s unique personality and the strong, playful nature of the Boxer breed. Also, consider its origins, traditional Boxer names, and the most popular dog names in general. This list of 101 male dog name ideas for your Boxer, complete with the meaning behind each name, should help you find just the right one.

101 Boy Boxer Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Ace: An English name meaning ‘one’ or ‘unity’, perfect for your top dog.
  2. Apollo: After the powerful and sun-associated Greek god, fitting for a strong Boxer.
  3. Archer: An English name for someone who excels at archery, representing strength and precision.
  4. Axel: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘father of peace’; great for a calm Boxer.
  5. Bandit: A fun, adventurous name for a dog that loves to steal your socks.
  6. Baxter: An old English name meaning ‘baker’, great for a dog who loves treats.
  7. Bear: For a big, cuddly Boxer.
  8. Beau: A French name meaning ‘handsome’.
  9. Blitz: A German word meaning ‘lightning’, a fitting name for a fast, energetic Boxer.
  10. Boomer: For a Boxer with a big bark or an explosive personality.
  11. Bravo: An Italian word used to show appreciation or approval.
  12. Bruno: A German name meaning ‘brown’; perfect for a brown Boxer.
  13. Brutus: A strong, imposing Roman name.
  14. Buster: English for ‘one who breaks things’, fitting for a playful, energetic Boxer.
  15. Buzz: Short and energetic, like your Boxer puppy.
  16. Cain: After the Biblical figure; for a dog with a strong, noble presence.
  17. Champ: Short for champion; a great name for a winning Boxer.
  18. Chase: Perfect for an energetic Boxer who loves to run after a ball.
  19. Chester: An English name meaning ‘fortress’, good for a protective Boxer.
  20. Cody: An Irish name meaning ‘helpful’.
  21. Cooper: An English name meaning ‘barrel maker’, a good choice for a strong, sturdy Boxer.
  22. Dash: Ideal for a quick and energetic Boxer.
  23. Duke: A noble title in many countries, perfect for a dignified Boxer.
  24. Finn: An Irish name meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’.
  25. Flash: For a speedy, quick Boxer.
  26. Fletcher: An English name meaning ‘arrow maker’.
  27. Frankie: Diminutive of Francis, meaning ‘free one’.
  28. Fritz: A German name meaning ‘peaceful ruler’.
  29. Gunner: Scandinavian for ‘battle strong’.
  30. Hank: An American name meaning ‘ruler of the home’.
  31. Hercules: A name for a Boxer with great strength and courage.
  32. Hudson: English name meaning ‘son of Hudde’, a strong and sturdy name for a Boxer.
  33. Hunter: An occupational name for a Boxer who loves to play fetch.
  34. Indigo: For a unique Boxer with a colorful personality.
  35. Jax: An American name meaning ‘God has been gracious’.
  36. Jet: For a fast and sleek Boxer.
  37. Jett: Similar to Jet, but with a bit more flair.
  38. Joey: A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘may Jehovah add’.
  39. Kane: An Irish name meaning ‘warrior’.
  40. King: For a Boxer that rules the house.
  41. Kobe: After the basketball legend, perfect for a Boxer that loves to jump.
  42. Leo: Latin for ‘lion’, suitable for a brave Boxer.
  43. Logan: A Scottish name meaning ‘small hollow’.
  44. Loki: The mischievous god in Norse mythology, great for a playful Boxer.
  45. Max: A popular name of Latin origin meaning ‘greatest’.
  46. Milo: Latin for ‘soldier or merciful’, suitable for a Boxer with a gentle yet strong demeanor.
  47. Moose: For a particularly large and strong Boxer.
  48. Murphy: An Irish name meaning ‘sea warrior’.
  49. Nash: An English name meaning ‘at the ash tree’.
  50. Nico: Greek for ‘victory of the people’.
  51. Oliver: Latin for ‘olive tree’; symbolic of peace and friendship.
  52. Oscar: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘friend of deer’.
  53. Ozzy: A diminutive of Oswald, meaning ‘divine power’.
  54. Pablo: Spanish variation of Paul, meaning ‘small’.
  55. Patch: For a Boxer with distinctive spots or markings.
  56. Percy: A name of French origin, meaning ‘pierces the valley’.
  57. Prince: For a Boxer that is treated like royalty.
  58. Ranger: English occupational name, suitable for a protective Boxer.
  59. Rex: Latin for ‘king’, another royal choice.
  60. Rico: Spanish for ‘rich’, great for a precious pet.
  61. Rocky: Inspired by the famous boxer, Rocky Balboa.
  62. Romeo: Italian for ‘pilgrim to Rome’, a good name for a lovable Boxer.
  63. Rosco: An English name meaning ‘deer forest’.
  64. Rover: A classic dog name, suitable for a Boxer who loves to explore.
  65. Rusty: For a Boxer with a reddish-brown coat.
  66. Sammy: A diminutive of Samuel, meaning ‘God has heard’.
  67. Scout: For a curious Boxer who loves to explore.
  68. Shadow: For a Boxer who follows you everywhere.
  69. Smokey: Great for a Boxer with a gray or smoky-colored coat.
  70. Spike: A name with attitude, perfect for a spirited Boxer.
  71. Spot: A classic dog name, ideal for a Boxer with distinctive markings.
  72. Stanley: An English name meaning ‘near the stony meadow’.
  73. Tank: For a sturdy, strong Boxer.
  74. Thor: The Norse god of thunder, perfect for a strong and powerful Boxer.
  75. Titan: After the powerful Greek gods, a name fitting for a robust Boxer.
  76. Toby: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is good’.
  77. Tracker: A great name for a Boxer with a good nose.
  78. Trapper: An occupational name, for a Boxer who loves to ‘trap’ toys.
  79. Tucker: An English name meaning ‘fabric pleater’.
  80. Tyson: After Mike Tyson, another famous boxer.
  81. Viking: A historic Scandinavian warrior, perfect for a strong and brave Boxer.
  82. Walter: A German name meaning ‘ruler of the army’.
  83. Whiskey: For a brown-coated Boxer or one with a spirited personality.
  84. Winston: An English name meaning ‘joy stone’.
  85. Wolf: For a Boxer with a wild spirit.
  86. Woody: An English name meaning ‘row of houses by the wood’.
  87. Wrigley: After Wrigley Field, perfect for a Boxer and his baseball-loving owner.
  88. Xander: A Greek name meaning ‘defending men’.
  89. Yankee: A patriotic name for an American Boxer.
  90. Yogi: After Yogi Berra, or for a dog who loves yoga.
  91. Zane: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  92. Zeke: A Hebrew name meaning ‘God will strengthen’.
  93. Zeus: The king of the gods in Greek mythology, great for a strong, majestic Boxer.
  94. Ziggy: A German name meaning ‘victorious protector’.
  95. Zion: A Hebrew name referring to ‘the promised land’.
  96. Zoomer: For a fast and energetic Boxer.
  97. Zorro: Spanish for ‘fox’, great for a sly or cunning Boxer.
  98. Zulu: After the African tribe, perfect for a strong and brave Boxer.
  99. Zephyr: Greek for ‘west wind’, a poetic name for your Boxer.
  100. Zeppelin: For a Boxer with a majestic, commanding presence.
  101. Zigzag: For a Boxer with a quirky, unpredictable personality.

Choosing the perfect name for your Boxer is an exciting part of welcoming him into your home. The name should resonate with your pup’s nature, breed, and your personal preferences. Remember, the name you choose will be used for many years to come, so pick one that will continue to suit your Boxer as he grows from an energetic puppy into a strong and loyal adult dog. Enjoy the process and cherish the bond it fosters between you and your new companion.

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