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101 Male Chihuahua Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 14, 2023

Choosing a name for your new Chihuahua is an important task. After all, this will be the word that defines your bond with your canine companion for years to come. The best names reflect both the individual personality of your pet and the rich heritage of his breed. Chihuahuas are known for their lively personalities and small statures, so keep these traits in mind as you browse this list of 101 male Chihuahua names, complete with meanings.

101 Boy Chihuahua Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Ace: Meaning “one, unity,” this name is simple yet powerful.
  2. Alfie: An English name meaning “wise counselor.”
  3. Amigo: Spanish for “friend,” a great name for your new companion.
  4. Apollo: Named after the Greek god of the sun, light, and poetry.
  5. Archie: A name of German origin meaning “truly brave.”
  6. Bandito: Spanish for “bandit,” a fun choice for a cheeky Chihuahua.
  7. Bean: A fun and cute name, perfect for a small-sized Chihuahua.
  8. Bear: An ironic name for a tiny Chihuahua.
  9. Benny: Short for Benedict, a Latin name meaning “blessed.”
  10. Biscuit: A cute, food-related name for a light-colored Chihuahua.
  11. Bobby: An English name meaning “bright fame.”
  12. Bolt: A strong and energetic name for a lively Chihuahua.
  13. Bruno: A German name meaning “brown,” perfect for a brown Chihuahua.
  14. Buddy: Meaning “friend,” a classic choice for a male dog.
  15. Buttons: A cute, endearing name for a small, button-sized Chihuahua.
  16. Carlos: A Spanish name meaning “free man.”
  17. Chico: Spanish for “boy.”
  18. Coco: A sweet name for a brown Chihuahua.
  19. Cookie: A cute, food-related name, suitable for any color Chihuahua.
  20. Copper: A great name for a Chihuahua with a reddish-brown coat.
  21. Cub: An endearing name for a small-sized Chihuahua.
  22. Dexter: A Latin name meaning “right-handed, fortunate.”
  23. Diego: Spanish form of James, meaning “supplanter.”
  24. Duke: A noble title, often used as a dog name.
  25. Eddie: Meaning “wealthy guardian.”
  26. Elmo: After Saint Elmo, the patron saint of sailors.
  27. Felix: A Latin name meaning “happy, lucky.”
  28. Fido: Meaning “faithful,” a classic choice for a loyal companion.
  29. Fiesta: Spanish for “party,” a fun name for a lively Chihuahua.
  30. Fritz: A German name meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  31. Gizmo: A fun, unique name for a small, curious Chihuahua.
  32. Guapo: Spanish for “handsome.”
  33. Gus: Short for Augustus, a Latin name meaning “great, magnificent.”
  34. Hank: Meaning “ruler of the home.”
  35. Hercules: After the Roman hero, an ironic name for a small Chihuahua.
  36. Hugo: A German name meaning “heart, mind, spirit.”
  37. Iggy: Short for Ignatius, meaning “fiery.”
  38. Jasper: A name of Persian origin meaning “treasurer.”
  39. Jellybean: A sweet name for a small, colorful Chihuahua.
  40. Jerry: Meaning “ruler with a spear.”
  41. Jesse: A Hebrew name meaning “gift.”
  42. Jester: A playful name for a Chihuahua with a sense of humor.
  43. Jimmy: Meaning “supplanter.”
  44. Joey: Meaning “God will increase.”
  45. King: A noble title, a regal choice for a Chihuahua.
  46. Leo: Named after the lion, the king of the jungle.
  47. Loki: After the Norse god of mischief.
  48. Louie: A French name meaning “famous warrior.”
  49. Lucky: A classic name for a dog, meaning “fortunate.”
  50. Max: A Latin name meaning “greatest.”
  51. Mickey: After the iconic Disney character.
  52. Milo: A German name meaning “mild, peaceful, calm.”
  53. Mozart: After the famous composer, a great choice for a dog with a musical bark.
  54. Nacho: A fun, food-related name for a Chihuahua.
  55. Nemo: Latin for “nobody,” also the name of a famous Disney character.
  56. Nugget: A cute name for a small-sized Chihuahua.
  57. Oliver: Meaning “olive tree,” a symbol of peace.
  58. Oscar: A name of English origin meaning “God spear, or deer-lover.”
  59. Otis: A German name meaning “wealthy.”
  60. Paco: A Spanish name derived from Francisco.
  61. Peanut: A fun, cute name for a small Chihuahua.
  62. Pepe: A Spanish diminutive form of Joseph, meaning “He will add.”
  63. Pepper: A great name for a Chihuahua with a bit of spice in his personality.
  64. Pico: Spanish for “peak,” suitable for a small but mighty Chihuahua.
  65. Pogo: A fun, unique name for a lively Chihuahua.
  66. Rex: Latin for “king,” a regal choice for a Chihuahua.
  67. Rico: Spanish for “rich.”
  68. Rocky: A strong name, ideal for a brave Chihuahua.
  69. Romeo: After the famous Shakespearean character.
  70. Rufus: A Latin name meaning “red-haired.”
  71. Rusty: A fitting name for a Chihuahua with a reddish-brown coat.
  72. Sam: Short for Samuel, a Hebrew name meaning “God has heard.”
  73. Scout: An English name meaning “to listen,” perfect for an alert Chihuahua.
  74. Sergio: An Italian name meaning “servant.”
  75. Simba: Swahili for “lion,” a great name for a brave Chihuahua.
  76. Smokey: A fitting name for a grey or black Chihuahua.
  77. Snickers: A sweet name for a sweet-natured Chihuahua.
  78. Spike: A strong, energetic name for a lively Chihuahua.
  79. Spot: A classic dog name, perfect for a Chihuahua with spotted fur.
  80. Taco: A fun, food-related name, suitable for any Chihuahua.
  81. Teddy: A cuddly name for a loveable Chihuahua.
  82. Thor: After the Norse god of thunder.
  83. Tico: A Costa Rican colloquialism for a native of Costa Rica, fitting for a Chihuahua.
  84. Tito: Spanish for “giant,” an ironic name for a small Chihuahua.
  85. Toby: A Hebrew name meaning “God is good.”
  86. Tommy: Meaning “twin.”
  87. Tony: Short for Anthony, a Latin name meaning “priceless one.”
  88. Toto: After Dorothy’s dog in “The Wizard of Oz.”
  89. Uno: Spanish for “one,” suitable for a first pet or the smallest in a litter.
  90. Vincent: A Latin name meaning “conquering.”
  91. Winston: An Old English name meaning “joy stone.”
  92. Woody: Meaning “row of houses by the wood.”
  93. Yogi: After the famous cartoon bear.
  94. Zeus: Named after the king of the gods in Greek mythology.
  95. Ziggy: A German name meaning “victorious protector.”
  96. Zorro: Spanish for “fox,” a great name for a clever Chihuahua.
  97. Zippy: A fun, energetic name for a lively Chihuahua.
  98. Zoomer: An adorable name for a fast-moving Chihuahua.
  99. Zorro: Spanish for “fox,” ideal for a clever or red Chihuahua.
  100. Zuzu: A playful and fun name, great for a lively Chihuahua.
  101. Ziggy: A cute, fun name, meaning “victorious protector.”

Naming your Chihuahua should be a joyous occasion, an opportunity to highlight his unique personality and your mutual bond. These names, steeped in the rich culture of the Chihuahua’s heritage and varied to suit all temperaments, offer something for every new pet parent. Celebrate the arrival of your new friend by giving him a name that will be cherished as much as he will.

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