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101 Male Dachshund Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 14, 2023

Choosing the right name for your new Dachshund puppy or rescue dog can be a daunting task. A dog’s name is a key aspect of its personality and a reflection of its unique characteristics. In naming your Dachshund, you might consider their distinctive elongated shape, bold and playful nature, or German heritage. To help you in this fun and exciting process, here are 101 male Dachshund name ideas, with some unique to the breed and some popular favorites:

101 Boy Dachshund Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Alfie: A popular name in England, meaning “wise counselor.”
  2. Apollo: Named after the Greek god of music, truth, and healing.
  3. Archie: A strong, classic name that means “genuine and bold.”
  4. Axel: A cool and edgy name, perfect for a Dachshund with attitude.
  5. Bacon: An adorable, food-inspired name that could reference a Dachshund’s long, slim shape.
  6. Baron: A German name that conveys nobility.
  7. Baxter: Meaning “baker,” a great option for a food-loving pup.
  8. Bean: Referencing the Dachshund’s elongated body, similar to a bean or sausage.
  9. Beethoven: After the famous German composer, reflecting the breed’s German origins.
  10. Benji: Meaning “son of my right hand,” often used to denote a cherished pet.
  11. Biscuit: A cute, food-related name perfect for a light-colored Dachshund.
  12. Buddy: Meaning “friend,” a popular name for dogs due to their companionship.
  13. Charlie: Meaning “free man,” this name suits an independent Dachshund.
  14. Chester: An old English name meaning “fortress or walled town.”
  15. Chip: A fun, playful name for a small, lively Dachshund.
  16. Coco: A cute, sweet name, perfect for a chocolate-colored Dachshund.
  17. Cooper: An English name meaning “barrel maker,” referencing the Dachshund’s barrel-like body.
  18. Dachsie: A fun, breed-specific name.
  19. Dash: A fitting name for a fast and energetic Dachshund.
  20. Dexter: Meaning “dexterous,” it fits a clever Dachshund.
  21. Digby: An Old Norse name meaning “digging town,” suitable for this burrowing breed.
  22. Digger: Inspired by the Dachshund’s original purpose as a burrow-digging hunting dog.
  23. Dinky: Perfect for a small and adorable Dachshund.
  24. Duke: Meaning “leader,” this name is suitable for a Dachshund with a big personality.
  25. Eddie: A popular name meaning “wealthy guardian.”
  26. Felix: A Latin name meaning “happy and lucky.”
  27. Fritz: A popular German name meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  28. George: Meaning “farmer,” for a Dachshund who loves to dig.
  29. Gizmo: A fun, playful name for a curious and explorative Dachshund.
  30. Gus: Short and sweet, Gus is a name of Scandinavian origin meaning “great.”
  31. Hansel: A traditional German name, fitting for a German breed.
  32. Harry: An English name meaning “army ruler.”
  33. Heinz: After the popular brand of sausages, a playful nod to the breed’s nickname “sausage dog.”
  34. Henry: An old German name meaning “ruler of the household.”
  35. Herbie: A cute and playful name for a fun-loving Dachshund.
  36. Hugo: A German name meaning “heart, mind, and spirit.”
  37. Jack: Meaning “God is gracious,” a classic, popular dog name.
  38. Jake: A simple, classic name meaning “supplanter.”
  39. Jasper: A name of Persian origin meaning “treasurer.”
  40. Jax: A modern name for a dog with a big personality.
  41. Joey: An endearing name meaning “may Jehovah add/give the increase.”
  42. Kaiser: A German name meaning “emperor,” reflecting the breed’s noble personality and German heritage.
  43. King: A straightforward name for a Dachshund with a regal personality.
  44. Klaus: A traditional German name meaning “victory of the people.”
  45. Leo: Meaning “lion,” for a brave and bold Dachshund.
  46. Loki: Named after the Norse god of mischief, fitting for a playful Dachshund.
  47. Louie: A name of German origin meaning “renowned warrior.”
  48. Lucky: An endearing name for your fortunate new family addition.
  49. Max: Short for Maximillian, a name of Latin origin meaning “greatest.”
  50. Milo: A popular name for dogs, meaning “merciful.”
  51. Mocha: A great name for a Dachshund with a chocolatey brown coat.
  52. Monty: An old French name meaning “mountain.”
  53. Moose: An ironic name for a small but mighty Dachshund.
  54. Munchkin: A fun and endearing name for a small Dachshund.
  55. Noodle: A playful name inspired by the Dachshund’s elongated shape.
  56. Oliver: An old name meaning “olive tree,” often associated with peace.
  57. Oscar: A name of English origin meaning “God spear, or deer-lover.”
  58. Otto: An old German name meaning “wealth.”
  59. Peanut: An adorable name for a small-sized Dachshund.
  60. Pepper: A great name for a black or dark-colored Dachshund.
  61. Pickle: A fun, quirky name for a Dachshund with a bit of a mischievous side.
  62. Pip: A small seed or the smallest of a litter.
  63. Pippin: An English name meaning “awe-inspiring.”
  64. Pogo: A fun name for a bouncy, lively Dachshund.
  65. Rex: A Latin name meaning “king.”
  66. Rocky: Represents strength and steadiness.
  67. Romeo: An Italian name meaning “pilgrim to Rome.”
  68. Rosco: Meaning “deer forest,” a fun and unique choice.
  69. Rudy: A name of German origin meaning “famous wolf.”
  70. Rufus: A Latin name meaning “red-haired.”
  71. Rusty: A popular name for dogs with reddish-brown fur.
  72. Sammy: Meaning “told by God,” a popular choice for many dog breeds.
  73. Sausage: A playful nod to the Dachshund’s distinctive shape.
  74. Scooter: An endearing name for an energetic Dachshund.
  75. Scout: Represents someone who gathers information stealthily, a good match for a curious Dachshund.
  76. Shadow: A fitting name for a Dachshund that never leaves your side.
  77. Slink: Inspired by the Dachshund’s elongated, slinky-like body.
  78. Smokey: A great name for a Dachshund with a grey or smoky coat.
  79. Snickers: A sweet name for a sweet-natured Dachshund.
  80. Sparky: Represents liveliness and ebullience.
  81. Spot: A classic dog name, perfect for a Dachshund with spotted fur.
  82. Sprout: A cute, playful name for a small Dachshund.
  83. Spud: A fun, food-related name, great for a brown-coated Dachshund.
  84. Teddy: A comforting, familiar name that means “divine gift.”
  85. Theo: A Greek name meaning “divine gift.”
  86. Toby: A popular dog name meaning “God is good.”
  87. Truffle: A fun, food-related name for a Dachshund with a rich, brown coat.
  88. Tucker: An English name meaning “fabric pleater.”
  89. Waldo: Meaning “ruler,” for a Dachshund with a commanding presence.
  90. Wally: A German name meaning “ruler of the army.”
  91. Weenie: A cute, playful name referencing the Dachshund’s nickname “wiener dog.”
  92. Whiskey: A strong name for a dog with a spirited personality.
  93. Wiggles: A fun, endearing name for a lively, active Dachshund.
  94. Winston: An old English name meaning “joy stone.”
  95. Woody: After “wood,” relating to the Dachshund’s history as a hunting dog in wooded areas.
  96. Zeke: Of Hebrew origin meaning “God strengthens.”
  97. Ziggy: A German name meaning “victorious protector.”
  98. Zippy: A fun name for a quick and energetic Dachshund.
  99. Zorro: A Spanish name meaning “fox.”
  100. Zoom: A fun, playful name for a fast Dachshund.
  101. Zorro: Spanish for “fox,” a great name for a clever Dachshund.

Your Dachshund’s name is more than just a word; it’s a reflection of his personality, looks, and personal preferences. The perfect name can strengthen the bond between you and your pet, reflecting your shared history and affection for each other. Remember, the best names are those that make you happy and suit your Dachshund well. Happy naming!

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