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101 Male English Springer Spaniel Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 15, 2023

Choosing the right name for your English Springer Spaniel is an exciting part of welcoming a new furry family member. As you consider names, it’s best to think of ones that will suit the breed’s friendly and energetic nature. English Springer Spaniels are known for their intelligence and agility, often used as hunting dogs, thus making them deserving of names that are meaningful and unique. Here, we have compiled 101 male dog name ideas for your English Springer Spaniel, complete with their meanings.

101 Boy English Springer Spaniel Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Ace: Because your dog is a number one champ.
  2. Aero: To reflect their high energy levels.
  3. Alfie: A popular British name, fitting for this English breed.
  4. Archer: For the Springer Spaniel’s history as a hunting dog.
  5. Aston: After the prestigious British car brand.
  6. Atlas: For a dog who carries the world on his shoulders.
  7. Bailey: A friendly name for a friendly dog.
  8. Barkley: A playful name, referring to the dog’s vocal nature.
  9. Baron: Because he’s regal and dignified.
  10. Beau: A French name meaning beautiful.
  11. Biscuit: Because he’s as sweet as one.
  12. Blaze: A name that reflects their energetic spirit.
  13. Bolt: To signify their lightning-fast agility.
  14. Boomer: A lively name for a lively breed.
  15. Brandy: A warm, traditional name.
  16. Brave: To denote his courage and strength.
  17. Buddy: Because he’ll be your best friend.
  18. Bullet: For his fast and energetic nature.
  19. Camo: Short for camouflage, referring to their hunting history.
  20. Caper: After their playful and mischievous nature.
  21. Champ: To honor your dog’s potential for excellence.
  22. Chase: A name that reflects their love for chasing.
  23. Chester: A sophisticated name for a distinguished breed.
  24. Chip: Short, sweet and friendly.
  25. Copper: Ideal for a dog with reddish-brown fur.
  26. Crispin: A unique, old English name.
  27. Dash: Reflecting the Springer Spaniel’s speed and agility.
  28. Dexter: Latin for “right-handed,” fitting for a capable dog.
  29. Duke: Because he deserves a royal title.
  30. Eddie: A popular, friendly dog name.
  31. Ember: Perfect for a Springer with dark, warm coloring.
  32. Falcon: Represents their agility and speed.
  33. Felix: Latin for “happy” or “lucky”.
  34. Fido: An old classic, meaning “faithful” in Latin.
  35. Flash: To signify their speed and agility.
  36. Fletcher: An old English name meaning “arrow maker”.
  37. Freddie: A friendly name, popular in England.
  38. Frisbee: For a dog who loves to fetch.
  39. Gage: A strong and protective name.
  40. Ginger: Ideal for a reddish-colored Springer.
  41. Gunner: A nod to the breed’s history as a hunting dog.
  42. Hank: A sturdy, traditional name.
  43. Harley: A cool name for a cool dog.
  44. Harper: English origin, means “harp player”.
  45. Hector: Greek name meaning “holding fast”.
  46. Hunter: Referring to the Springer’s origins.
  47. Jack: A popular, friendly dog name.
  48. Jasper: An old English name meaning “treasurer”.
  49. Jax: A strong, modern name.
  50. Jet: Ideal for a speedy black Springer.
  51. Jettison: A unique name implying agility and speed.
  52. Jingle: Because he brings joy and music to your life.
  53. Jolly: To match his cheerful disposition.
  54. Jumper: Reflecting the breed’s athletic ability.
  55. King: Because he’s the king of your heart.
  56. Kip: A playful name meaning “to sleep” in British slang.
  57. Koda: A Native American name meaning “friend”.
  58. Lucky: For a dog who brings good fortune.
  59. Max: A short and popular name for dogs.
  60. Milo: A cute, popular name meaning “soldier”.
  61. Mocha: For a Spaniel with a rich, brown coat.
  62. Muffin: Because he’s as sweet as a dessert.
  63. Noble: To signify his dignified nature.
  64. Oscar: A popular and friendly name for dogs.
  65. Otis: A fun, friendly name.
  66. Paddy: An Irish-inspired name fitting for a field dog.
  67. Paws: A playful name for your four-legged friend.
  68. Pepper: A fun name for a lively, spry dog.
  69. Pip: A cute, old English name.
  70. Pogo: To reflect their bouncy, energetic nature.
  71. Prince: Because he’s royalty in your eyes.
  72. Ranger: A strong name denoting protection and authority.
  73. Rascal: For a mischievous and playful Springer.
  74. Rex: Latin for “king”.
  75. Riley: An old English name meaning “rye clearing”.
  76. Rover: A classic dog name meaning “wanderer”.
  77. Rusty: Perfect for a dog with reddish fur.
  78. Scout: A name that reflects their instinct for exploration.
  79. Shadow: Ideal for a dark-coated Springer.
  80. Simba: After the famous lion in The Lion King.
  81. Skipper: An active name for an active dog.
  82. Smudge: A cute name for a dog with an unusual coat pattern.
  83. Socks: If he has distinctive paws.
  84. Spike: A traditional, strong dog name.
  85. Spot: Classic and playful, suitable for a dog with spots.
  86. Sprightly: To match their energetic and lively nature.
  87. Spritz: A cute, unique name reflecting their sprightly personality.
  88. Sprocket: A unique, mechanical-themed name.
  89. Sprout: For a young, lively pup.
  90. Stanley: An old English name meaning “stone clearing”.
  91. Stout: A strong, hearty name.
  92. Tanner: An old English occupation, suitable for a brown-coated dog.
  93. Thatcher: Another old English occupation, suitable for a field dog.
  94. Toby: A friendly, popular name for dogs.
  95. Tracker: Reflects their natural hunting instincts.
  96. Tramp: After the beloved Disney character.
  97. Waldo: A unique name for a dog who loves to hide.
  98. Whiskey: A strong, traditional name.
  99. Winston: An old English name, associated with strength.
  100. Woody: For a dog who loves the outdoors.
  101. Zeus: The king of gods in Greek mythology, suitable for a strong, regal dog.

In conclusion, choosing a name for your English Springer Spaniel is a fun process that allows you to reflect his unique personality, physical characteristics, or the breed’s characteristics and history. Remember, the best names are those that make you smile and create a bond between you and your furry friend. Happy naming!

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