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101 Male Rottweiler Names + Meanings

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on June 14, 2023

Choosing the right name for your Rottweiler is an important part of welcoming your new canine companion into your home. Rottweilers are strong, loyal, and protective dogs, with a history tracing back to the Roman Empire. You may want to consider names that reflect their strength and courage, their German heritage, or simply their friendly and gentle nature. Here are 101 name ideas for male Rottweilers, each with a brief explanation of its meaning.

101 Boy Rottweiler Name Ideas with Meanings

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  1. Admiral: A high naval officer, signifying strength and authority.
  2. Ajax: A hero of Greek mythology known for his strength and courage.
  3. Aldo: An old German name meaning ‘old’.
  4. Alfie: A popular British name meaning ‘wise counselor’.
  5. Angus: Celtic for ‘one strength’.
  6. Apollo: The Greek god of music, truth, and prophecy.
  7. Argos: Odysseus’s faithful dog in Greek mythology.
  8. Arlo: An old English name meaning ‘fortified hill’.
  9. Arnold: German for ‘eagle power’.
  10. Atlas: After the Titan who held up the sky in Greek mythology.
  11. Axel: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘father of peace’.
  12. Bandit: For a Rottweiler who’s known to steal hearts.
  13. Bear: For a large, bear-like Rottweiler.
  14. Blaze: For a Rottweiler with a fiery spirit.
  15. Blitz: German for ‘lightning’, perfect for a fast Rottweiler.
  16. Bolt: Another name for a fast and energetic Rottweiler.
  17. Brando: An Italian name meaning ‘firebrand’.
  18. Brutus: Latin for ‘heavy’, suitable for a large Rottweiler.
  19. Buck: A name that evokes strength and masculinity.
  20. Bullet: For a Rottweiler as fast and powerful as a bullet.
  21. Butch: An English name meaning ‘butcher’, for a strong and powerful Rottweiler.
  22. Captain: For a Rottweiler who takes charge.
  23. Champ: Short for ‘champion’, for a Rottweiler that’s top dog.
  24. Chief: For a Rottweiler who’s the boss.
  25. Clifford: After the big red dog in children’s literature.
  26. Comet: For a Rottweiler that’s fast and impressive.
  27. Czar: A Russian term for ’emperor’.
  28. Diesel: A strong and powerful name for a strong, powerful Rottweiler.
  29. Duke: An English name meaning ‘leader’.
  30. Einstein: After the German physicist, perfect for a smart Rottweiler.
  31. Emperor: For a Rottweiler who’s the ruler of your home.
  32. Fang: For a Rottweiler with an impressive set of teeth.
  33. Fritz: German for ‘peaceful ruler’.
  34. Goliath: After the giant warrior in the Bible, perfect for a large Rottweiler.
  35. Grizzly: For a large and bear-like Rottweiler.
  36. Gunner: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘bold warrior’.
  37. Hades: The Greek god of the underworld.
  38. Hercules: A Greek hero known for his strength and courage.
  39. Hulk: After the Marvel superhero known for his immense strength.
  40. Igor: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘bow warrior’.
  41. Indy: Short for ‘independent’, for a self-sufficient Rottweiler.
  42. Jagger: An English name meaning ‘carter’, also reminiscent of the rock star Mick Jagger.
  43. Kaiser: A German term for ’emperor’.
  44. King: For a Rottweiler who rules the household.
  45. Kodiak: After the large Alaskan brown bear.
  46. Loki: The Norse trickster god.
  47. Major: For a Rottweiler who takes charge.
  48. Mars: The Roman god of war.
  49. Maximus: Latin for ‘greatest’.
  50. Moose: For a large and strong Rottweiler.
  51. Nero: A Roman emperor known for his rule.
  52. Odin: The Norse god of wisdom and war.
  53. Olaf: A Scandinavian name meaning ‘ancestor’s descendant’.
  54. Oscar: Of Irish origin, meaning ‘friend of deer’.
  55. Otto: A German name meaning ‘wealthy’.
  56. Phantom: For a mysterious, ghost-like Rottweiler.
  57. Ranger: An English occupational name for a keeper of a park or forest.
  58. Rex: Latin for ‘king’.
  59. Rocky: A strong and sturdy name.
  60. Rolf: A German name meaning ‘famous wolf’.
  61. Romeo: Italian for ‘pilgrim to Rome’, symbolizes a lover.
  62. Rufus: Latin for ‘red-haired’.
  63. Samson: A Hebrew name meaning ‘sun’, also known for biblical strength.
  64. Sarge: Short for ‘sergeant’, a rank in the military.
  65. Scout: For a Rottweiler who loves to explore.
  66. Shadow: For a Rottweiler with a dark coat or a stealthy nature.
  67. Sherlock: After the famous English detective.
  68. Simba: Swahili for ‘lion’, perfect for a brave Rottweiler.
  69. Spike: A strong and edgy name.
  70. Stallone: After Sylvester Stallone, the actor known for his roles as tough guys.
  71. Storm: For a Rottweiler with a strong and intense nature.
  72. Tank: For a Rottweiler as solid and powerful as a tank.
  73. Thor: The Norse god of thunder.
  74. Thunder: For a Rottweiler with a booming bark.
  75. Titan: After the powerful deities in Greek mythology.
  76. Trooper: English for ‘soldier’.
  77. Troy: After the ancient city known for the Trojan War.
  78. Tyson: An English name meaning ‘firebrand’.
  79. Ulysses: Latin version of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem.
  80. Viking: After the seafaring Norse warriors.
  81. Wagner: A German name meaning ‘wagon maker’.
  82. Wolf: For a Rottweiler with a wild and strong nature.
  83. Wrangler: An English occupational name for a horse handler.
  84. Xander: A Greek name meaning ‘defending men’.
  85. Yukon: After the Canadian territory, known for its wilderness.
  86. Zeppelin: After the German airship, symbolizes grandeur.
  87. Zeus: The king of the gods in Greek mythology.
  88. Ziggy: A German name meaning ‘victorious protector’.
  89. Zorro: Spanish for ‘fox’, suitable for a clever Rottweiler.
  90. Zulu: After the African ethnic group known for their bravery and skill in battle.
  91. Zephyr: Greek for ‘west wind’, for a fast Rottweiler.
  92. Brick: A strong and solid name.
  93. Chewbacca: After the strong and loyal Wookiee in Star Wars.
  94. Hobbs: After the character in Fast and Furious known for his strength.
  95. Mufasa: After the king lion in The Lion King.
  96. Hagrid: After the strong and gentle character in Harry Potter.
  97. Hooch: After the large dog in the movie Turner & Hooch.
  98. Buckeye: After the state tree of Ohio, a symbol of toughness.
  99. Havoc: For a Rottweiler who loves to play and stir things up.
  100. Triton: The Greek god of the sea.
  101. Rebel: For a Rottweiler who has an independent streak.

In conclusion, the perfect name for your Rottweiler should be a reflection of his size, strength, loyalty, and perhaps even his German heritage. It’s important to choose a name that you love, as you’ll be using it for many years. This list should give you plenty of inspiration to find just the right name for your new Rottweiler. Happy naming!

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