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The 11 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on August 2, 2023

What could be better than dog kisses and canine cuddles? These breeds aren’t afraid to show their love for you, in fact, they insist on it! Having one of these breeds means having a personal snuggle machine in your home. If you’ve got space in your bed or on your couch for a cuddle buddy and free hands for belly rubs, consider adopting one of the dogs on this list!

#11 – Brussels Griffon

This charming little dog steals the hearts of everyone they meet, and good thing too. He wouldn’t be happy if he wasn’t getting attention from everyone in the room.


#10 – Great Dane

Known as the over-grown lap dog, these gentle giants are as affectionate as they come, often leaning on their person to beg for attention.

Photo Credit: @Brandon via Flickr


#9 – American Staffordshire Terrier

If you don’t own one, this may come as a shock to you, but the Am. Staff is known for being people-orientated and loving with a personality similar to the Labrador retriever.


#8 – Bichon Frise

Often seen as the epitome of the “lap dog,” it’s easy to see why 18th Century French royals were taken with this loving little dog.

Photo Credit: @NatalieSimmon via Flickr

 #7 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the most popular spaniels, the “Cavi” is an attention hog and really isn’t content unless he’s on your lap.

Photo Credit: @Julia via Flickr


#6 – Bearded Collie

Often called the “happy herder” because of its bouncing personality, this collie loves attention. Their smile when they greet you says it all – “I Don’t Know You, But I Love You”


#5 – Italian Greyhound

A miniature of the full-size greyhound, this doe-eyed dog would rather be giving kisses then winning a race.


#4 – Bedlington Terrier

While terriers are often thought of as independent, this high energy breed has a real soft side. They are very content lap dogs and are often pushy about getting attention.



#3 – Golden Retriever

Also known for its loving nature, the golden retriever is commonly used for therapy work due to its friendly attitude toward everyone, even strangers.

Photo Credit: @AndrewMorrell via Flickr

#2 – Labrador Retriever

No surprise that this breed made this list. Labrador retrievers are known for their sweet, loving disposition. No wonder they make sure great service dogs.

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#1 – ANY Rescued Dog!

No matter pure-bred, or shelter mutt, any dog who was rescued will provide you with a lifetime of loving affection!