11 Signs Of Aging Every Dog Owner Needs To Look For



#4 – Trouble Getting Up

You may notice your dog has trouble getting up after lying or sitting for a long time, particularly on hard surfaces. She may also have issues staying on her feet. This can be another sign of joint pain and should definitely be checked out by a vet.

Image source: @JanBaranski via Flickr
Image source: @JanBaranski via Flickr


#5 – Cloudy Eyes

This can be hard to see at first, especially if you have a dog that really avoids eye contact. However, it’s important to notice because while most dogs develop some cloudiness as they age (nuclear sclerosis), it can also be a sign of cataracts, which will need treatment. Definitely go to the vet if you notice any cloudiness.

Image source: @DwayneMadden via Flickr
Image source: @DwayneMadden via Flickr

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