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11+ Surprising Products That Contain Xylitol

Chances are, you know that xylitol, a sweetener, is toxic to dogs. But you may be surprised by what types of products can contain this ingredient, including items that are not supposed to be edible.

While we know you’d never intentionally feed this stuff to Fido, we also know that accidents happen. If one day your pup decides to get into something that he’s not supposed to, try to determine what he’s consumed and if it may contain toxic ingredients like xylitol. The sooner you know, the better chance you have to prevent poisoning.


If you suspect your dog has eaten anything that is toxic to his health, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (open 24/7) at (888) 426-4435, and / or your local vet or emergency vet. (Tip: it’s a good idea to keep all these numbers saved in your phone!)

For your awareness, check out these unexpected items that may contain xylitol.

1. Packaged Goods & Baking Mixes

Pet parents that commonly purchase items that are sugar-free need to be especially aware of foods containing xylitol in their pantry. These items can include Jell-o, pudding mixes, cake and cookie mixes, even ice cream and yogurt.


2. Candies, Gum & Mints

Sugar-free gum, mints, and candy can be found tossed on counters and in purses in many households. If your pup ever gets into any of these items, be sure to enlist emergency help.


3. Jams, Syrups, Condiments, Honey, & Raw Xylitol

Even your fridge and pantry staples may contain this sugar substitute. Also, those who bake sugar-free confections using this sweetener should refrain from feeding treats made with this ingredient to Fido.


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