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12 Camping Safety Tips For Dogs

Camping can be a great way to vacation and take the along your furry best friend. You get a break from the urban jungle and your dog gets to smells all those fun new things, roll in stuff, fetch sticks and play in the water. But camping can also be hazardous if you are not prepared. David Wright, Resident Trainer for Zingy (the “uber of dog walking”) and Founder of iWorkDogs Dog Training Co., shared with us his 12 camping safety tips to ensure you and your dog have a safe and fun camp-out.

#1 – Basic Obedience Training

This is the most important thing to have, yet it’s the one thing that people do not consider before taking their dogs out camping. Most people go to the trails and just unclip Fido’s leash. This can be very dangerous for the wildlife, other people, other dogs, and most importantly, for your dog. With that being said, if you choose to unclip your dog’s leash, your recall needs to be rock solid! You are guaranteed to come across other hikers, other dogs (some off leash), wildlife, and an array of interesting smells and sights. A dog that won’t obey you around high distractions should be left at home. Dog training is an essential component to your dog being an ideal camping companion.

Image source: @VinothChandar via Flickr
Image source: @VinothChandar via Flickr

#2 – First Aid Kit

When hiking with your dog, you should always have a first aid kit. It’s your first line of defense in the event that something happens to your beloved pet on the trail or at the campsite. Some people gather all the components of a kit from their local drug stores, pet stores and veterinarians, but you can buy complete kits pretty cheap online. In addition, I recommend that every dog owner take a first aid course.

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