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13 Fun Facts About Your Dog’s Paws!

You see them every day, and perhaps haven’t given them much thought–but what’s up with your dog’s paws? For starters, there are all sorts of different types: big and small, webbed, wide, and dainty, and there’s reasons behind why certain traits belong to certain breeds.

Here’s a baker’s dozen of fun facts about your dog’s furry feet, ranging from why they don’t need shoes (usually) to the source of that corn chip smell. High-fours to learning!

1. The pads of your dog’s paw are largely made up of fatty tissue, which is why their feet don’t get cold when they’re prancing through the snow!

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2. This padding also protects them while venturing on warmer ground and rugged landscapes.

mountain dog

3 . However, those pawsies can get burned and blister on hot surfaces (like hot summer pavement), or can get irritated or burned from rock salt and other chemicals on the ground. Their paws may be durable, but make sure to mind where your dog is stepping! (And yes, dog booties are a thing.)

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4. There are sweat glands on a dog’s paw.

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