Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Products

Just like with human beings, a dog’s dental health relates directly to their overall health. That’s what makes good dental hygiene so important (besides just keeping terrible breath at bay.) Unlike humans though, dogs can’t (or won’t) brush their own teeth regularly. Since a lot of iHeartDogs readers want to know how to best keep their pet’s teeth strong and healthy, we’ve compiled a list of 15 great products that clean your dog’s teeth.

Dental Care For Dogs That Work

If you’ve recently taken a trip to your local pet store, you may have been overwhelmed at the number of products on the market for dog dental health—what to choose? The following doggie dental products are our picks to help get you started. As usual though, always consult your vet to make sure the products you choose are right for your dog’s dental needs.

#1 – Dental Water Additive For Dogs With Special Oral Probiotics, $14.99

Looking for quite possibly the easiest and cheapest way to take care of your dog’s teeth? Consider adding an oral rinse for dogs to their water bowl. The minty scent from the rinse makes for a fresh breath and cleaner teeth, all without having to wrestle your dog with a toothbrush!

Feeds 5 shelter dogs

#2 – Grain-Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks, $15.99

Your dog doesn’t have to stand for a professional cleaning to get the job done. These dental sticks turn his need to chew into part of his dental routine. They help keep plaque under control and freshen your dog’s breath at the same time. Also, every bag you buy from the iHeartDogs store will provide 7 meals for shelter dogs through GreaterGood! 


Feeds 7 shelter dogs

#3 – Squaker Rocket – Play and Brush at the Same Time!, $9.99

The revolutionary Squeaker Rocket encourages your dog to scrub his own teeth through play! Squeaker Rocket is an easy tooth cleaning routine your dog will really enjoy. Allow your dog to use the Squeaker Rocket for just a few minutes at a time under your supervision for healthier teeth. 

Provides 1 toy for a shelter dog

#4 – Fresh BreathBone With Flavor Pockets for Toothpaste, $7.99 – $9.99

For dogs that love to chew! This amazing chew toy is infused with chlorophyll and mint, which together freshen your pup’s breath as he or she chews. Spread a pet-safe toothpaste in the little holes for even more benefits. Made in the USA from non-toxic, allergen-free nylon. 

#5 – Antimicrobial Dental Wipes For Dogs, $12.99

These dental wipes for dogs are good for dogs that just won’t let you brush their teeth. They contain peppermint and spearmint oil to leave your dog’s mouth smell as fresh as it’ll look! Plus, every purchase from the iHeartDogs store will provide 14 meals for shelter dogs through GreaterGood.

Feeds 7 shelter dogs


#6 – “Invisible” Finger Toothbrush For Dogs – Perfect for Dogs Who Hate Brushing (this one is FREE)

For pets that dislike getting their teeth brushed with a toothbrush, this clear, nearly invisible rubber finger toothbrush offers a more gentle, natural brushing experience. Your pup won’t even notice it on your hand! Soft, tiny rubber bristles help clean teeth while small nubs on the back massage the cheeks. Free, just pay shipping!

#7 – Protein Booster Dog Food Topper (Less Carbs = Less Dental Troubles), $9.99 – $22.99

So how does a chicken or beef protein booster improve your dog’s dental hygiene? It’s simple actually. By reducing your dog’s kibble by a small amount and replacing it with a freeze-dried topper like this, you’ll reduce your dog’s carbohydrate intake, which is the culprit for much of dental disease in dogs today.

Feeds 7 shelter dogs


#8 – Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Bone, $12.99

This natural rubber chew toy has a refreshing mint scent, and soft rubber bristles to help clean your dogs’ teeth while they play!

Provides 1 dog toy for a shelter dog!


#9 – Fresh Mint Scented Brushing Ball, $12.99

Similar to the brushing bone, this natural rubber chew ball has a refreshing mint scent and soft rubber bristles. It makes cleaning your dog’s teeth fun for them!

Provides 1 toy for a shelter dog!

#10 – Extra Chewy Bully Sticks, $3.99 each

Bully sticks are an all-natural way for your dog to mechanically grind away plaque from their teeth. A warning though, your dog will get addicted to these!

Feeds three shelter dogs

#11 – Plaque & Bad Breath Control Dental Spray For Dogs, $14.99

If your dog refuses to make brushing, or even wiping their teeth easy for you, a quick spray on either side of his mouth with this stuff will help keep plaque at bay and freshen his breath. Every purchase from the iHeartDogs store will provide 14 meals for shelter dogs through GreaterGood!

Feeds 4 shelter dogs

#12 – Yak Cheese Chews For Dogs – Dogs Go Nuts For These!, $19.99

If your dog has never had a yak cheese chew, they are missing out! This high protein and ultra long-lasting chew helps mechanically scrape your dog’s teeth clean.

Feeds 6 shelter dogs.

#13 – Omega-3 Dental Chews For Dogs, $14.99 – $29.99

Boost your dog’s skin, coat, and dental health with one easy, tasty chew stick that also helps scrape their teeth clean. As responsible pet parents, we know omega fatty acids are fundamental to every dog’s health.

Feeds 14 shelter dogs!

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