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15 Reasons To Keep Your Dog On Leash (Even When It’s Legal Not To)

There is a big movement for “leash-free” parks, forests, neighborhoods, even whole cities like Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. And while dogs do love to have their freedom, there are many reasons why it’s best to keep your best friend leashed, even when you don’t have to.

#1 – Less likely to be hit by a car

Loose dogs, even well-trained loosed dogs, may find themselves in the street, driveway or parking lot and accidentally get hit.

Image source: @BradleyNewman via Flickr
Image source: @BradleyNewman via Flickr

#2 – Can’t be stolen

Dogs are stolen for all kinds of disgusting reasons – abuse, puppy mills, research and to be used as bait dogs. A dog attached to you by a leash is a lot harder to steal.

Image source: @BradleyNewman via Flickr
Image source: @BradleyNewman via Flickr

#3 –  Easier to keep an eye on if they make a mess

Regardless if your dog is loose or not, you are still responsible for cleaning up after him. However if he is loose, you may not notice that he is lifting his leg on someone’s car or pottying outside of a restaurant. It’s more responsible to keep him where you can see him.

Image source: @istolethetv via Flickr
Image source: @istolethetv via Flickr

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