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18 Gifts That Help Dogs In Need

| Published on December 8, 2015

While shopping for that perfect gift for anyone on your list, consider one of these great choices, all of which help dogs in need by giving back a portion of your purchase price. So really, it’s like giving two gifts – the one you bought and the donation the company gives to a charity. And we have everything on this list – from wine and coffee to clothes and dog toys – so we are sure you can find something special for everyone! Know of any other great products that give back? Share with us in the comments. Happy shopping!

#1 – Dawghead

This a unique gift any dog lover will cherish forever. Jennie Griffith makes handmade, custom-shaped portraits of a person’s own dog! In addition to that, she donates a portion of each sale to animal rescue groups. Christmas orders need to be in as soon as possible, but she also offers handmade gift certificates (of a mini dawghead print). 

a1 dawghead


#2 – PAWZ

PAWZ eye-catching designs and comfy clothes are a hit with animal lovers and casual shoppers alike. They aim to not only raise awareness about shelter pups and euthanasia rates, but also donate make life better for shelter pets by donating 10% of their net proceeds to no-kill shelters. So far, they’ve donated over $600,000 and still going!

#3 – Jax & Bones Gingerbread Toy

Purchase this Eco-friendly toy and 10% goes back to animal rescue groups. Available at Kriser’s Natural Pet and
a3 toy_rope_gingerbread_2000x2000a_300CMYK


#4 –  iHeartDogs Shop

Shop our store full of great tees, sweatshirts, mugs, jewelry, and more! Each purchase gives food to a dog in need, what could be better!

 a4 Navy-Blue10-500x500

#5 – Rescue Strong

Rescue Strong was inspired by one rescue dog named Luna. Her love impacted the life of her owner in such a big way that she felt the need to help other rescue dogs. Originally just a place for fundraising, Rescue Strong has grown into a shop that gives back in donations and supports other activists trying to raise awareness.

My passion is for rescue and design, and Rescue Strong fulfills both.”



#6 – MUTTS

I LOVE the MUTTS comic strip. Sunday mornings I would fight my siblings for the comic section of the newspaper and I’d skip straight to MUTTS before reading anything else. These cute characters hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many animal lovers.

The same MUTTS has an online store that sells artwork, MUTTS treasury books, clothing, and other items. Patrick McDonald, the creator of the comic strip, is personally involved in multiple charities to support animal welfare and the environment. A portion of the proceeds from the store goes to the Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team.

#7 – Motley Zoo Shop

Know a rocker and an animal lover? Then check out the gift items at the Motley Zoo’s shop. They have lots of gifts and all the proceeds go to help cover the rescue’s $15,000/month vet bills.

a7 MenAceBackHood

#8 – Smiling Dog Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice! Give a cup of Joe this Christmas and 25% of their proceeds are donated to the organization of your choice. 

a8 SDCC-TW-1_1024x1024

#9 – Rescue Chocolate

Perfect for stockings, gift baskets, or just to help you get through the shopping season – Rescue Chocolate gives 100% of their net profits to an animal rescue, which changes each month.

a9 042313-RescueChocolate_0269_grande 

#10 – BarkBox

Give your pup, or a friend’s, the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription service to BarkBox. 10% of their profits goes to animal rescue organizations.

a10 12039322_925295734173145_1303049743027180202_n

#11 – Landfill Dogs

For the book lover, artist, or animal activist on your list, this hardcover coffee table book is a great choice. It contains color portraits of more than 100 shelter dogs in a former landfill turned public park in Raleigh, North Carolina. This landfill was active for 14 years (1994–2008), and during this time the animal shelter brought its euthanized animals there for burial. Divided into three sections (“Recycling”, “Like New”, and “Products”), Landfill Dogs reveals the problem with associating pets as property while highlighting the souls who are lost due to animal overpopulation. In addition to the Landfill Dogs portraits, the book also contains twenty follow-up stories of dogs who found homes, and also illustrates how we came to associate pets as property. $10 from the sale of every book goes to the Heal-A-Heart Fund.

a11 book_cover

#12 – I Love Tyler Madison

Many of us give clothes for Christmas, or even buy something for ourselves during the holidays. Why not pick a company that gives back? I Love Tyler Madison (Tyler and Madison are the rescue dogs of the designers!) gives a portion of every sale to the SPCA and ASPCA.

 a12 ILTM HSKirt

#13 – ONEHOPE Wine

Another gift that many people buy this time of year is wine. Why not buy one that does some good? ONEHOPE, which gives back to various nonprofits with every bottle sold, has a number of great gift items at various price points. Two gift sets they have are for dog lovers, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the ASPCA.

a13 ONEHOPE Wine Woof Crate_ $99.00

#14 – Happy Spritz

Happy Spritz is an apothecary company with a collection of face + body sprays for both men and women. Their Sweet Dreams Darling aromatherapy spray can even be used on pets. It is a calming mix of lavender and chamomile essential oils and helps relax nervous dogs. As a part of their company mission, they donate a portion of our proceeds to different animal rescue organizations across Canada and the US.

a14 SDD-1


#15 – Project Blue Collar

If someone on your list is an adoption advocate, consider a gift from the Blue Collar Project. PBC is an advocacy engine for adoption. As a social enterprise company, PBC has been committed to giving back to rescue organizations from the start. Sales from their online store act as fundraisers for their rescue partners.

 a15 Project-Blue-Collar_iHeart

#16 – RocketDog Rescue Shop

RocketDog Rescue saves dogs from death at over-crowded shelters. You can help them by purchasing a fun gift from their Zazzle store – including matching human and dog tees! The profits go directly to support the sanctuary and emergency health services.

a16 Rocket Dog Rescue_iHeart


#17 –BarkerBag

The PERFECT gift for the outdoorsy dog lover, the BarkerBag is a dog sleeping bag that zips to the side of a human sleeping bag – or between two human sleeping bags if you can’t decide who gets to sleep next to the dog! This allows the pup to share the warmth of their human without being squished into the bottom of a sleeping bag – which can be uncomfortable for both pup and person.

BarkerBag supports Tail Waggers Rescue, which offers support and supplies to the homeless dog parents of Southern Oregon. They also provide them with Barker Bags, so their dogs can sleep alongside them.


#18 – Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends

A perfect gift for any dog lover, this book is an inspiring collection of true tales of extraordinary commitment, faith in the midst of challenges, twists of fate, second chances, and the magical joy that canine companionship brings. Net proceeds from our fundraising book benefit non-profit animal shelters and advocacy groups, as well as raise awareness about the plight of homeless dogs and what wonderful family members they make when given the chance.

a18 rescue me

Frequently Ask Questions:

Get in the spirit of giving this holiday season by giving gifts of charity. Whether you love dogs, cats, wildlife, or birds, find a charity that honors and respects animals. While Christmas may be a time of celebration for you and your friends, but for dogs in shelters and endangered animals, it is simply another day. Because of this, one of the best things to do when I have an upcoming event is to shop for gifts that are charitable toward animals. 

Learn how you can give back in 2022 to animals who need your help and support to live and thrive. Be a part of the movement offering billions of dollars every year to our furry friends. Discover what charitable options are available to you right here. 

What Gifts Donates A High Percentage Of Profit To Animal Charities?

I Heart Dogs contributes to many charities when you purchase one of our products. Most of our products include free meals for animals in shelters, including dogs and cats. Other products link to specific charities like Second Chance Movement, K9 Police Dogs, Peace in Ukraine, and others. From t-shirts to doggy treats, I Heart Dogs donates a significant amount of profits to animals in need. While not necessarily a charity organization, they bring food to the table with your help. 

What Is The Best Animal Charity To Donate To In 2022?

Donors looking for organizations to support often worry about how their money are used and whether they genuinely serve the people the organizations are seeking to help. It’s smart to ask your family and friends for recommendations of reputable charitable organizations. Here are a list of some fantastic vetted shelters that focus on helping animals not making profits to donate to this holiday season.

Best Friends Animal Society has a charity rating of 79.19 out of 100. They are a leader in the “no-kill” movement, and its main goal is to make sure that no animals are killed in U.S. shelters by 2025. They plan to do this by advocating for the animals, teaching people about them, and helping them directly at their sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Over 1,600 animals live in their sanctuary for dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, potbellied pigs, farm animals, and wild animals. People who want to help animals can go to this shelter or sponsor one. 

The Animal Welfare Institute seeks to protect all living animals from cruel and violent treatment of any kind. They are succeeding in their mission with a charity rating of 99.99 out of 100! They also help to save animals from experiments, research, and more humane treatment. 

Other fantastic options include:

  • Local Shelters 
  • American Humane
  • Operation Second Chance
  • Second Chance Animal Rescue
  • Give Warmth
  • The Safe & Together Project
  • K9s for Warriors
  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
  • Alley Cat Allies 
  • The Marine Mammal Center

What Is The Best Dog Charity To Donate To In 2022?

Every year in the United States, around 3.3 million dogs are abandoned and end up in shelters. It is possible for even the healthiest canines to get crippling conditions. It is estimated that 1 in 4 canine companions may be diagnosed with cancer over their lifespan. Many organizations are working hard to ensure that dogs never longer experience any pain or distress. Our research led us to wonder, what organizations do the most good for homeless dogs?

Morris Animal Foundation and American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation are two excellent dog welfare organizations. In addition, amazing work is being done by organizations like the Grey Muzzle Organization and the United States War Dogs Association to help retirees and their canine companions.

Other options include:

  • The Grey Muzzle Organization
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Soi Dog Foundation
  • The National Canine Cancer Foundation
  • Jameson Humane
  • United States War Dogs Association

How Much Money Is Donated To Animal Charities Every Year?

Every year donations for animals represent about three percent of total donations encompassing almost 12 billion dollars. Humans are creating havoc on animals by taking their natural habitats, reducing their food options, and affecting the air with pollution. Almost 7 million cats and dogs are currently without homes, and an additional 300 million animals are subjected to inhumane experimentation in labs. Increasing the amount of cash given to charities that are working on these issues has the potential to either save the lives of countless animals or significantly enhance their quality of life.

What Animal Charity Donates The Highest Percentage To Help Animals?

Animal welfare organizations have a significant impact on our local society and the wider world. In order to not only rehabilitate animals but also give them a secure place to live, save them from being cruelly treated, and even save them from extinction. On the other hand, numerous charitable organizations have unique objectives and purposes; therefore, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of these distinctions.

The Animal Welfare Institute and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue are the two organizations that have done the most to help animals in need and had the greatest overall impact. In addition, the Alley Cat Allies, the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and the Marine Mammal Centre are all wonderful organizations to look into if you are interested in supporting specific charities.

What Is A Rescue Dog?

A rescue dog is a dog that is being re-homed after being surrendered by its original owner. However, this is not the only definition of a rescue dog. Some are stray dogs found on the street; others belong to people who recently died, leaving them orphaned. But as a general rule, we consider any dog that you adopt from a rescue organization or shelter to be a rescue. 

Adopting a dog from a rescue organization means you are helping to save its life, as opposed to purchasing a dog from a breeder or pet store, which is significantly more expensive and adds to the problem of dog overpopulation. In addition, when you adopt a dog from a rescue organization, you are actually saving two lives, as you are making room at the rescue organization for another dog to be rescued.

How To Rescue A Dog?

You have the option of adopting a dog from a local shelter, rescue organization, or even from a friend who may be trying to find a new home for their own dog due to special circumstances. Rescues and shelters are two distinct sites, despite the fact that the terms are commonly used interchangeably. However, having both types of facilities is essential in the world of dog adoption. 

Volunteers typically facilitate an animal adoption, and it typically does not have a building large enough to house all of the many types of dogs that it has available. On the other hand, a shelter will typically have a building that houses all the adoptable dogs currently on the premises. Shelters have paid staff and volunteers who can assist in the care of the dogs.

How Much Does iheartdogs Donate To Charity?

I Heart Dogs is not a charitable organization; we are a firm that is privately owned and operated for the goal of making a profit. Through our collaborations with charitable organizations, we are able to generate awareness and funds for the causes that are important to us. We, like all other businesses, have overhead expenses, which include a large number of staff, rent, and electricity, campaigning fees to reach more passionate people. 

As of right now, after paying our expenses, we are able to give twenty percent of all our income to donations for animals in need. With your help, we have the opportunity to give back to the world by helping to feed and shelter dogs and cats. Dog and animal charity gifts can benefit the entire world by reducing the needs and population. Additionally, we hope to encourage people to care for the animals that provide love and companionship to us.

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