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20 Best Foods for a Dachshund with Diarrhea

| Published on January 31, 2023
There are few things more challenging than a dachshund with the runs! Managing your dog’s diarrhea can be a challenge, especially if you’re feeding the wrong food. We asked our Facebook Dachshund community the following question, “What’s the best food for a dachshund that frequently has diarrhea?” We received hundreds of replies, and we have summarized some of the best answers below.
Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your dachshund s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from Diarrhea. There may be underlying issues that need to be addressed. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Foods for Dachshunds with Diarrhea

We kept giving mine pumpkin and that was what was actually causing it as soon as we stopped giving it him he was fine, the vet can also give a prebiotic paste which is very helpful and he may need antibiotics so prob best just to get them checked out before trying anything different as they can give you some food to keep them hydrated that is for their stomach.

Author: Jules J.

Likes: 2

My little guy had issues too until I started making his food. In crockpot I take a pound of lean ground beef, 2 cups of rice, I can of green beans, 1 can of kidney beans, fresh carrots cut up, can of peas, add 4 cups of water. Cook on high for 4 hours. He gets a little bit of kibble and the rest of this food and he hasn’t been sick in over a year. Good luck.

Author: Veronica Rinella-V.

Likes: 3

Just had mine to the Vet for diarrhea and vomiting. She had a bacterial infection in her stomach. Gave antibiotics and Probiotics. Said to feed her boiled chicken and rice for 4 days. I have her on Science diet sensitive. She is doing great now!


Author: Brenda M.

Likes: 6

Yes cook them some boneless skinless chicken breast no seasoning in chicken broth serve with a little rice. Small servings to start with. My Dixie has this two months ago and that’s what he told me to do. If it improves they can have scrambled eggs make sure their drinking water so they don’t dehydrate. Good luck! I put my chicken in slow cooker and let it cook till very tender , added chicken and a little rice and broth and Zoie loved it. She hadn’t eaten in 5 days but was drinking. If did event stop take to vet they will need some meds.

Author: Gail Amedee B.

Likes: 2

Dachshunds are prone to pancreatitis. I had one that was on Hill’s digestive low-fat prescribed dog food. And also was put on endosorb to curb the diarrhea. It is controllable. My Stormy lived for 17 years.

Author: Carol Keil H.

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Farmers Dog … expensive but she loves it and her coat (as well as bowels) is so much better!

Author: Connie Lynn Arthur W.

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I’d avoid chicken. Lamb works well for our dog with tummy issues. We’re now using N&D lamb, pumpkin and blueberry. It is grain free but has added taurine if you’re concerned about that. His stools are back to normal.

Author: Kate Davenport H.

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We had that problem and turned out he had IBS. He’s now on Hills Science Diet Low Fat Chicken Stew Gastro Formula mixed with Hills Gastro Biome kibble. Also takes half a 10mg Pepcid AC twice a day. Has been very good on that. But, as others have mentioned, take to your vet first. If you want curb the diarrhea, rice and boiled lean ground beef.

Author: Pete O.

Likes: 0

Mine did too, Pedigree ground packets is all she had for 12 years. 14 yoa now. Hasn’t had it since. that is all she gets, too much trouble with colitis

Author: Betty H.

Likes: 1

I use Purina for sensitive skin and stomach. She only gets ground chicken breast added and only chicken treats. Even if she eats a chicken chew stick she gets the poops.

Author: Patricia M.

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Hills i/d, for tummy issues. They make a variety of wet and dry foods, but you need a vet prescription for it.

Author: Judy S.

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My doxy has been on IAMS since birth. Lucky so far. Rice helps with bowel issues

Author: John H.

Likes: 1

Mine has that to they cannot have chicken They can eat Purina One Lamb Rice Formula it has no chicken you have to check ever label

Author: Teresa G.

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Only two things work for my Banjo. Fresh Pet Sensitive and Bright minds by Purina.

Author: Christina Hope Perez G.

Likes: 1

Authority from PetSmart. Mine loves it – no problems

Author: Rebecca G.

Likes: 1

Well here goes…I am sure this does not apply to all dogs. They are like humans some can tolerate foods that others dogs of the same breed can’t. My girl eats pretty much people food. Yes there are some things that dogs do not tolerate at all. A responsible owner should know these items. However as I said my girl who is 11 and going strong eats pretty much what I do. She eats her dog food for a snack.

Author: Kenneth L.

Likes: 1

Prokolin it’s about 10 to 13 pound off Amazon would highly recommend that’s what my vet prescribed my daxie and it worked wonders now I keep it in at all times x

Author: Debbie G.

Likes: 1

Acana rescue care Red meat, liver and whole oats recipe, Made in USA.

Author: Anne Eaton K.

Likes: 1

Make your own food. Follow Dr Karen. Dr. Karen Becker. Mine has pancreatitis. My vet swore that putting her on the Hills low fat prescription food would be the answer and better than what I’m doing now – boiling her meat three times and pouring off the water with fat. Well I started introducing it gradually and after 4 days she started to throw up (4time is one day) bike again. I stopped that and just giving my food, no more throwing up. Furthermore, I don’t doubt that it is the organic food that I had been feeding my two pups that actually killed my one and made my little one sick. They had been no recall on the kibble that I was giving them. Never in my life again. Will I give my pup purchased crap food

Author: Lynn D.

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First thing the vet is going to tell you is to take all food and water from them for 24 hours. Then give a little water and some boiled white rice. If they tolerate that you can add chicken the next day. Take it slowly and see how your dog does. If they still have diarrhea then they will need to see the vet and get tested to see what is going on. Once everything is settled try some sensitive stomach dog food. I had to go through this process twice before my dog stopped getting sick on me.

Author: Mandy W.

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Always consult your vet before making any health changes to your dachshund’s diet, especially if they frequently suffer from diarrhea, as there may be other medical issues that need to be addressed. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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