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20 Best Foods for a Shih Tzu with Arthritis

| Published on May 6, 2023
Is your shih tzu suffering from joint pain or arthritis? You’re not alone. Members of our I Love My Shih Tzu Facebook community recently shared their insights on the following question: What food would you recommend for a Shih Tzu with arthritis? We received hundreds of helpful replies and below have compiled some of the best responses.


Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your shih tzu’s diet, especially if they are suffering from arthritis or other medical issues. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Dog Foods for a Shih Tzu with Arthritis or Joint Pain

I know what you’re saying .My baby had the same issue. I didn’t know about the goat milk. I would have gotten it for her. She was 18 when I had put her to sleep because she couldn’t walk anymore.That like to have kill me.

Author: Charles Linda S.

Likes: 6

We use Honest Paw CBD Mobility formula for our 16 1/2 year Shih Tzu and he gets a lot of relief. Although a dogs differ. I’d consult my veterinarian. They know your fog better than folks on Facebook.

Author: Christine S.

Likes: 4

Royal Canin / Shih Tzu formula

Author: Deborah P.

Likes: 5

Liquid cod liver oil from agricultural and equine feed suppliers did wonders for our ageing lab x greyhound. After the first few days he’d look for you putting it over the food if we’d forgotten. It really took him he spent 5 years on it running around daft as a brush for the majority of the time and his coat was gleaming. Our vet approved it.

Author: Mark de B.

Likes: 2

I would make homemade food, cooked chicken breast, peas, and green beans. Also, I would highly recommend Cosequin. You can get it at walmart in the pet area. It’s in an orange and white box. It’ll make a world of difference. I only rescue the old and unhealthy no one wants, and it’s a part of their regiment. Our kids move so much better.

Author: Joshua B.

Likes: 5

Fresh pet. And a daily vitamin called Flexadin

Author: Sue K.

Likes: 5

Well this is only my opinion buy vets don’t always know either. My Winnie lived to be 22 yrs old, and it wasn’t because of help from the vet. I cooked her food every day. Chicken, gizzards, liver, beef. Adding green beans, carrots, red beans and sweet potatoes. I gave her arthritis meds and warm compresses.her daughter Espy lived to be 19 was fed the same thing.

Author: Karin J.

Likes: 6

Bil-Jac frozen dog food (defrost and store in refrigerator) has lots of healthy ingredients and my Shih-Tzu loved it. It’s semi-wet food so easy to eat.

Author: Julia Knapp M.

Likes: 1

My vet recommended Putting him on Puppy food I did as it’s filled with the nutrients they need as they did as puppy’s my dog loved for 15 1/2 years legs body were great after I started the puppy food I used Blue Buffalo this stuff worked so puppy food is great for older dogs

Author: Patricia E P.

Likes: 0

Whatever she’ll eat. Get a RX from the vet for an anti inflammatory med. That sure helped my doglets. My dogs both like Bil-Jac chicken

Author: Cheryl S.

Likes: 3

We get freshpet at Walmart for our shih tzu

Author: Denise G.

Likes: 3

Wag dog food from Amazon has glucosamine and Omega 3, also you could buy glucosamine for dogs as a supplement

Author: Candace F.

Likes: 1

I get Hills Science for my two & mix it with some wet food. It’s good for bones!

Author: Audrey P.

Likes: 4

Farmer’s Dog has made a huge difference with everything for my 13 yr old girl. May not be all your pup needs but maybe a good start?

Author: Sue Anna L.

Likes: 1

I started my dog on Hills Prescription J/D as per vet suggestion. It is a prescription with glucosamine. I believe it is helping with her bad knees.

Author: Meri R.

Likes: 1

Dr. Marty’s dog food and glucosamine and chondroitin.

Author: Wanda Hoskin M.

Likes: 0

Hill’s science diet joint care. It’s prescription

Author: Madison P.

Likes: 4

Careful with homemade food might want to make sure with your vet because it will cause diabetes. I just lost a dog to that no more than two months ago…. And please do not give them grapes or raisins The vet said it will give them kidney failure and kill them….. Please do not go by what everyone is telling you ask your vet ask your vet.

Author: Cindy T.

Likes: 0

Over 20 years with Tzu’s. Not One Health Problem. (Purina Dog Chow Little Bites)

Author: Rick L.

Likes: 0

My little shih tzu loved this goats milk and it sure helped her move better the last 6 months of her life. I would definitely add this to her daily diet. I would have given the world for my baby to still be here today. Miss her terribly.

Author: LA C.

Likes: 0


Managing arthritis in shih tzus requires a holistic approach that emphasizes a well-balanced, anti-inflammatory diet. Integrating ingredients rich in fish oil for dogs, antioxidants, and natural supplements like glucosamine for dogs and chondroitin can significantly improve joint health and mobility. Consult with a veterinarian to personalize your shih tzu’s dietary plan, accounting for breed, size, and specific health requirements. By incorporating these food recommendations and maintaining a healthy weight, you will not only alleviate your dog’s arthritis symptoms but also boost their overall well-being, ensuring a happier, more comfortable life for your shih tzu. 
iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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