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20 Best Foods for Boston Terriers with Allergies

Written by: Z


Z is a Special Project Coordinator of HomeLife Media and a writer for She has 3 dogs namely Skye, Luna, and one of them is a rescue, named Tesla.Read more
| Published on January 16, 2023
Dealing with your Boston Terrier’s food allergies can be beyond frustrating! We asked our 800,000 members of Boston Terrier community on facebook the following question: “Those of you with Boston Terriers who have allergies…. what food do you use and why?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top 20 responses here.
As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your Boston Terrier’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Dog Foods for Boston Terriers with Allergies

I use this… since her birth she had bad reflux and allergies. I tried several different kinds (under vet care) and this is what worked best for her.

Author: Danielle D.

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Not a food recommendation, but I would HIGHLY recommend this allergy supplement on Amazon. Reduced my dog’s itching substantially. My vet said keep using it!

Author: Jay C.

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Duchess doesn’t really have a food allergy, but I use Beneful salmon for her and it seems to do well. She doesn’t have as much gas and when she does break wind, it’s not curling my nose hairs. So that’s a benefit of the food she gets I suppose.

Author: Chris M.

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Purina Pro Plan sensitive stomach and skin. Then I cook a topper of pork loin (fat trimmed and on a rack out of fat), and steam broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash, green beans, blueberries, and strawberries and run it all through a food processor and use as their topper. I make this for my Boston and my Yorkie.

Author: Jennifer G.

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Fresh Pet or I fix it myself with venison.

Author: Belinda W.

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I only feed lamb and rice to all my dogs for years. My vet says it’s easier on their digestive tract. Been using Nutro for some time. He rarely has stomach problems. Very little gas too. Boy, he can clear a room.

Author: Glenda T.

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My sister in law’s dog has many allergies. She only gives her dog food she makes herself, such as chicken, green beans, cheese, carrots, rice, things healthy for dogs, this was recommended by her vet. Also reason why, you have more knowledge of what’s going into your fur babies food.

Author: Glenna R.

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Hills Science diet– has worked for all my pups with allergies.

Author: Brandie H.

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We use Rachel Rays little bites it’s has the right fat and protein % and the size of the piece work great for my 13 year old and my 3 year old runt

Author: Ty R.

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Mine has the worst allergies. I had to switch to Royal Canin PR. Her fur finally grew back after switching.

Author: Nacole S.

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Dog parents need to realize that food is medicine for dogs the same way it is for us. Kibble dog foods don’t have much nutrition. They are heated to such a high heat. They also contain ingredients that cause allergic responses. If you feed kibble you should consider cooking a topper for your dogs food with appropriate vegetables, meat and give them fruit. The best thing about that is you know what your dog is eating. This will make a dramatic difference in your dogs health.

Author: Deborah C.

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We started making our dog food. We control the ingredients and it’s healthy. We tried the farmers dog for a while but it was outrageously expensive. We have 3 dogs, a boston and 2 chihuahua’s It costs us about $10-12/week to feed all three. And that includes dog treats as well.

Author: Norris S.

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The only thing mine could eat was Rachel Rays just 6 or Rachel Rays Grain Free. I tried everything but those were the only 2 that cleared up her skin and her tummy.

Author: Kay W.

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Our Rocky takes apoquel every day. We had him tested and he doesn’t have a food allergy, instead it’s environmental. Molly is fine. We buy Fromm grain free regardless cause it’s a good quality food

Author: Geri L.

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Merrick. Salmon & Sweet potato or chicken & sweet potato. No problem with her skin allergies using that.

Author: Jean N.

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Taste of the Wild (Bison), it’s grain free and he’s doing great on it, he’s also allergic to poultry!

Author: Robyn B.

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Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Oatmeal sensitive stomach and skin. My dog needed the probiotic and he needs it for his skin!

Author: Deborah L.

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Blue Buffalo grain free limited ingredients salmon and sweet potato

Author: Kathy M.

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Merrick salmon and sweet potato….my boy has a severe chicken allergy and is also allergic to grains when they are in dog food.

Author: Kaitlyn E.

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Fromm dog food…no chicken …everything else seems to work…salmon..pork n peas…lots of fruit/vegetables…11 years now.

Author: P.I. Roth

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Orijen regional red. Three dogs. The only one who’s ever had an allergy from food was our cat after 8 years on it, switched her to science hills sensitive stomach.

Author: Heinous N.

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As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your Boston Terrier’s food. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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