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20 Best Foods for Frenchies with Allergies

| Published on November 14, 2022
Dealing with your Frenchie’s food allergies can be beyond frustrating! We asked our 800,000 members of Frenchie community on facebook the following question: “Those of you with Frenchies who have allergies…. what food do you use and why?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top 20 responses here.
As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your Frenchie’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Also, view our roundup of the Best Foods for a Dog with Allergies

20 Best Dog Foods for Frenchie with Allergies

My girl eats Purina Pro Plan Salmon & Rice or Merrick Salmon with Sweet Potato. She has no tolerance for beef products.

Author: Debbie Uselton F.

Likes: 7

Not a food recommendation, but I would HIGHLY recommend this allergy supplement on Amazon. Reduced my dog’s itching substantially. My vet said keep using it!

Author: Jay C.

👍 Likes: 18

We used royal canin. Good for coat and digestive system.

Author: Jessica Doyle S.

Likes: 1

Royal canin HP prescription diet. Love it. It stinks bad. But he had ZERO gas on it. I mean zero gas! Healthy as a horse on it too!

Author: Julie S.

Likes: 0

What is known as allergies is a toxic reaction of our immune system. Bad food choices like dry food, processed, spot Ons, dewormers, antibiotics, vaccinations. If you want a healthy dog and few vet bills, detox your dog, then build its gut properly and and cook 4 him. There is a reason why almost everyone incl. our pets have poor health and allergies are symptoms. Treat the cause.

Author: Françoise B.

Likes: 5

I made my own. Combinations of brown rice, sweet potatoes, cooked veggies and fruit, organ meats and veg, oil for fat content. Look up how to make your own dog food and do some research. We can not do corn, white potato, white rice and chicken. Every dog has different sensitivities. Grain free made ours develop a cough and heart condition we stopped it early and was able to reverse it.

Author: Heather S.

Likes: 1

Have an allergy test done for food and environmental. My Velma is allergic to most everything, I just switched her to Science Diet for Sensitive Skin and Stomach and she’s doing great!!!!

Author: Becca W.

Likes: 3

We have sibling Frenchies. We feed a few varieties of Fromm. I know its controversial, but they can not have any grain or fowl, meal or full protein. We stick to fish mainly for protein and I add scrambled egg a few times a week.

Author: Sheila Zellmer M.

Likes: 2

Zignature Kangaroo .. after 6 years of trying everything it has been the only dog food that within 2 days stopped my lil guys scratching/toe sucking, etc plus his overall energy levels increased drastically!! It’s a winner

Author: Larissa D.

Likes: 1

I’m johnnie late responding to this. But I use the Royal Canin Frenchie brand food. I am lucky that I do not believe the allergies my baby has are from food- but I definitely think they’re environmental. I use this brand because it came highly recommended by my vet and because the brand my breeder was using was difficult to find- even with Amazon, etc

Author: Christina H.

Likes: 0

Grand Canin urinary tract hydrolized. Expensive but she only eats about one cup a day and we love her. She also only gets bottled water to drink. It has helped with the UTI’s

Author: Carol M.

Likes: 1

I use French bulldog of Royal canin. but they tested allergies to storage mites so I bought a small freezer to put in the garage to freeze their kibble in for at least 24 hours before I will feed them with this..

Author: Kathy U B.

Likes: 0

Our Frenchie had an allergy testing and ate special vet food (Royal Canin) for many years for all his allergies. But after a cleanse, and now eating raw food from the freezer (beef and deer etc and some vegetables) and MSM all his allergies has been gone for 4 years I am so sad that he had to go through those first years and all the problems. I hope your frenchies can get better too.

Author: Anna B.

Likes: 1

We make our own. Equal portions ground meat and brown rice, then add spinach or kale, peas and carrots, sometimes some pumpkin, and chicken broth. Allergies, hot spots, and vomiting cleared up 10 years ago.

Author: Charles S.

Likes: 1

Pro plan sensitive stomach small bites

Author: Tammie G.

Likes: 0

Our first frenchie got bad allergies with Royal Canin, we spoke to a dog food specialist and he said they get sick if you keep the protein the same for too long so we changed to Taste of the Wild and our current frenchie has had no allergies on that and we change the protein flavour every few months

Author: Lindsey S.

Likes: 0

We use Instinct Raw Beef frozen kibble

Author: Cassidy M.

Likes: 0

Royal canin hypo allergenic which I freeze before hand & then defrost in case of mites in dry dog biscuits

Author: Kelly Anne F.

Likes: 0

Turkey & sweet potatoe Nulo canned and dry, and Steve’s Raw Turkey. Little to no gas but poo stinks

Author: Rochelle R. M.

Likes: 0

Orijen Six Fish….after two years of trial and error this was the only one that didn’t make her puke, diarrhea or have morning acid tummy, it also helped skin issues and after about a month of eating it the dark spots on her belly disappeared …. 7 years later and it’s still the best for her and she’s still excited to eat her meals

Author: Petra S.

Likes: 0

Canidae Salmon dry food. It avoids poultry which gives my frenchie skin bumps. It also makes her poop firm enough to properly…uh… break off upon exit . No stains on couches or baby wipes required post poop.

Author: Meg W.

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