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20 Best Foods for Pugs with Allergies

Written by: Zyra Capalac
Zyra is a Special Project Coordinator of HomeLife Media and a writer for She has 3 dogs namely Skye, Luna, and one of them is a rescue, named Tesla.Read more
| Published on November 3, 2022
Dealing with your Pug’s food allergies can be beyond frustrating! We asked our 800,000 members of Pug community on facebook the following question: “Those of you with Pugs who have allergies…. what food do you use and why?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top 20 responses here.
As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your Pug’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Also, view our roundup of the Best Foods for Dogs with Allergies

20 Best Dog Foods for Pug with Allergies

I feed my girls Diamond dog food and one of them gets a cytopoint shot in the spring cuz she itches a lot.

Author: Ginny L.

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Simply Nourish: Fisherman’s Finest. I use it because the only other option for Lucy is prescription Royal Kanin Ultamino. She is allergic to all meat proteins except fish, rabbit, and duck. She is also allergic to potatoes and a lot of grains. This mix is the only dog food I could find that didn’t have any ingredients to which Lucy is allergic.

Author: Bethanie R.

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Taste of the Wild-grain free/ salmon

Author: Kara G.

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Zignature turkey

Author: Alice Latham P.

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My Pug has environmental and food allergies, but he just has a monthly injection at the vets. He is currently on Royal Canin Satiety Weight Management food, and it seems to go down well.

Author: Natalie Jayne J.

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It took me a while to find the right balance but now I cook the following tor my boy Frankie Breakfast : cooked turkey mince Dinner: cooked white fish (Basa fillets) and broccoli. He has no grains, and his treats are a canine Beef Jerky. He also has a probiotic supplement to treat his gut and help with yeast overload. He’s a happy, healthy little 5 year old after 2-3 years of searching for answers.

Author: Ruth M.

👍 Likes: 11

Nutro healthy weight lamb and brown rice. Never any issues.

Author: Carie F.

👍 Likes: 5

Zignature salmon

Author: Karen Kastanis F.

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Homemade food, ground beef or chicken with dehydrated veggie mix and grain free treats or fruits in season like apples, bananas, watermelon is a fave. Also plain Greek yogurt and frozen green beans . I’ve done this for over 10+ years now…too many preservatives in regular foods.

Author: Carrie L.

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Solid Gold it’s all beef Or any beef- barley. Brand. Chicken was causing bad allergies

Author: Debbie D.

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Go! Limited ingredients duck. The best one I have found that helps her allergies

Author: Ruth R.

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My dog is 12. She’s had allergies for years. We had her on duck and bean until they stopped making it. Now she’s having pancreas spells so the vet has her on Purina Pro Plan EN food. She’s not to have anything else. The vet said some pugs are allergic to potato in food.

Author: Brenda R.

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We have had 7 pugs over the years and have 4 now and none had never had any allergies and have always fed them all diamond pet. Alot of dogs in general tend to get allergies from the dog food their started out feeding on.

Author: Joe T.

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Purina pro plan…I have 7 pugs and we have alleviated all allergy symptoms. My pugs love it!

Author: Pugs in Eastern V.

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My pug had really bad allergies. Itched so bad she would make herself bleed. I finally found the one good she wasn’t allergic to. Rachel Ray and any snacks that are grain free

Author: Lisa Seaman H.

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Oliver has eaten Solid Gold chicken from day one. Guess he isn’t allergic to chicken. Of course he is a Papillon.

Author: Dianna B.

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Fromm pork and apple kibble and really pumpkin I freeze pumpkin in Ice cube tray. He gets one cube of that everyday

Author: Rachel E.

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Fromm for small breed dogs. Purple pkg….with a little refrigerated fresh pet. Because they like it more than anything else we gave them…they always eat it and their vet loves it…they even lost weight.

Author: Larry K.

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Fresh pet

Author: Kelly M.

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Science diet sensitive skin and stomach. No shots for a year.

Author: David S.

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