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20 Best German Shepherd Puppy Foods

| Published on January 10, 2023
Choosing a food for your new german shepherd puppy can be confusing! While good advice can be gleaned from your rescue, breeder, or veterinarian, there are a wide range of opinions about which puppy food is best and you may receive contradictory advice. We asked our 800,000 member german shepherd community on facebook the following question: “What food did you feed your german shepherd puppy?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top responses below.
Please be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your german shepherd puppy’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Foods for a German Shepherd Puppy

I always used Science Diet hard and soft. Would switch the flavors out so didn’t get bored. My shepherd lived to be almost 16 years old with no health issues at all. She got the occasional plain piece of chicken, dog friendly veggies and fruits here and there. She just got old. Very important to use elevated dishes also.

Author:Stephanie T.

Likes: 53

I love Fromm, It has cut back on allergies for both my GSD and my Goldens I feed them the Pork and applesauce But they have a puppy food as well

Author:Caroline J.

Likes: 26

My Vet say Purina Pro Plan is the best, been using that with all my dogs.

Author: Denise D.

Likes: 100

Blue Buffalo is what my dog loves and seems to be good for her. Good luck. A vet will always say Iams or something like that but my dog wouldn’t eat it.

Author: Cindy G.

Likes: 7

I heard Iams is really good.

Author: KimMarie S.

Likes: 20

I used Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy for my dog. He is a show champion and a Hunt Test dog. It kept his coat great and he grew and filled out well. Now I have him on Purina Pro Plan Performance for the extra protein in the field and weather. Just make sure you don’t use a grain free diet. Dogs are developing heart disease using grain free. I am a Vet Tech and we see a lot of it because of the grain free fad going around.

Author: Angie B.

Likes: 1

I used nutri source puppy chicken and rice for large breed. They still get the adult version on the side of their raw

Author: Dawn P.

Likes: 7

Choosing dog food is extremely complex. As a police dog handler and trainer (retired) I’ve been to several schools on dog food and learned that the first rule is no canned food, it’s mostly water. Unless it’s a working dog careful of protein content. Don’t buy cheap food! Your vet knows best. No one has the exact answers, all dogs have a preference to additives, grain free, etc. dogs have allergies, stomach problems etc. best advice is from a vet.

Author: Edward M.

Likes: 13

I fed my working dog Royal Cannin…buy the German Shepherd food. He and I were LEO partners for 7.5 yrs. The food served him well. Feed 4 to 5 cups daily from 1 yr old until and if he starts getting chunky….then cut back to 3 to 3.5 cups daily to manage his weight. The kibble is large enough to use as a food reward in training. I would measure his food in 1 gallon zip loc bags….use that bag to ensure he eats only his daily ration. Feeding by hand in training…on the ground to reward tracking or article search… or in his bowl at the end of the day….feed him only his daily ration. This will prevent over feeding. My boy passed away 3 months ago….he was great at his job and I miss the old boy.

Author: Randy J.

Likes: 3

I used Purina Pro plan puppy food for large breed. Vet recommended it and she has now changed to the adult flavor.

Author: Nadja D.

Likes: 9

Fromm large breed puppy No stomach issues or loose stools anymore coat is amazing He’s now on Adult formula Depends if your pup has any issues which is suitable for your pup

Author: Mary M.

Likes: 21

I’m not a raw feeder, basically because I can’t afford it; but if you can afford it, get a complete raw food, GSD tend to have sensitive stomachs and can have food allergies. Most people I know who raw feed and who’s dogs have had allergies have found it has helped reduce any Allergies the dogs have had. As I said if money wasn’t so tight I would definitely have my boy on raw.

Author: Deborah H.

Likes: 28

We love GSDs and on our third one. Ours live to 11½ and more. Our long time vet suggests French-cut green beans mixed in dry food to keep weight down. Our present GSD rescue came with skin allergies and the vet suggested Salmon or Duck dry dog food…we went to Tractor Supply to buy it. The manager gave us two free small bags of each to let dog make a choice…Salmon was the choice. Skin allergies cleared right away.

Author: Peggy H.

Likes: 5

I used Kirkland’s (nakamura Diamond in a different bag) for years, then dropped the Costco membership and went with Diamond Naturals, but recently found Nutrena Loyall Life and have been super pleased.

Author: Amanda D.

Likes: 2

German Shepherds are super sensitive and allergic. I have found that Victor Hi-pro plus food is the best food for mine. Diamond works very well too.

Author: Jonathan A.

Likes: 2

Arden Grange – it takes you from large breed puppy to senior. My GSD is just over 14 & 1/2 and has had it all his life. I moisten it with hot water & let it cool. Sometimes I boil some chicken and use that water. He loves it.

Author: Julie A.

Likes: 1

Farmina N & D is what we have had our boy on since he was a pup i found it after researching best food for large breed dog

Author: Cindy C.

Likes: 1

I’ve fed all my dogs since I was a kid , Purina puppy chow, and then, purina dog chow, I’m 58 years old and never had a problem with there stomachs, or anything else!!

Author: Terry S.

Likes: 12

We used Taste of the Wild. That’s what the breeder fed their dogs so we continued. She always had a great coat and very consistent stools. Never even used the puppy formula. The breeder used the adult formula and it’s small kibble so as a puppy she had no problem with it.

Author: Lori M.

Likes: 5

I use only Pedigree wet and dry food for my dogs ,I have not heard anything about their food being recalled, like most of them out there, also I cook ground turkey, ground chicken, ground beef and if I have some ground lamb which is good for their coat.Never had any problems with them,

Author: Marion C.

Likes: 0


As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your german shepherd’s food. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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