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20 Best Husky Puppy Foods

| Published on January 11, 2023
Choosing a food for your new husky puppy can be confusing! While good advice can be gleaned from your rescue, breeder, or veterinarian, there are a wide range of opinions about which puppy food is best and you may receive contradictory advice. We asked our 800,000 member husky community on facebook the following question: “What food did you feed your husky puppy?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top responses below.
Please be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your husky puppy’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

20 Best Foods for a Husky Puppy

Iams dog food. That what we feed ours . Vet recommend this dog food to us.

Author: Bethann Y.

Likes: 7

I’ve fed my dogs Pedigree for over 30 years. It’s reasonably priced, my dogs love it and I’ve never had a problem with it.

Author: Barbara H.

Likes: 7

I’ve had 6 husky’s and the only food their stomach would tolerate was Purina Puppy/Dog chow.

Author: Stacy G.

Likes: 4

I stand with Farmina all the way! Yes, it’s pricey but worth it. My girls coat is absolutely amazing and it’s high in protein so she will eat less in one sitting because she is not eating fillers. Huskies are known to be grazers. They maintain their own metabolism. I also throw in raw organ meats.

Author: Tonya R.

Likes: 9

I fed my husky Purina Pro Plan and added raw meat 2-3 times a week. However, husky specific food blends are good too. If you are going to do any raw meats and veggies (my Anubis loved carrots and broccoli), make sure you brush their teeth directly after feeding.

Author:Stephanie G.

Likes: 2

Natures recipe has a puppy formula my huskies loved as babies. They now eat the mature lamb and rice blend. Both are 9 years old.

Author: David A.

Likes: 3

I used Rachel Ray Little Bites my husky lived to be 16

Author: Linda A.

Likes: 1

Fed my husky diamond puppy then went to diamond high protein.

Author: Alicia L.

Likes: 1

I have a purebred Siberian Husky….4yrs old… and he eats a cup of Costco dry food with either chicken or pure beef that I cook for him once a day. He has dry food available all day long if he wants. But usually only eats at 5pm when we do. He can’t eat anything else or he gets the runs or doesn’t feel well. Sometimes he doesn’t eat for a day or two…that is normal for that breed. But it doesn’t happen very often. He is extremely healthy! I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. I have a friend who has a Wolf Sanctuary and he feeds them the same thing.

Author: Dennis R.

Likes: 3

The best advice I can give is to have a look at the content of the food and ask yourself if you’d consider eating it. A lot of the dog foods out there are terrible, especially the big brands, purina etc etc. Raw is an ideal option but not suitable for all (apart from the health benefits, you’ll have fewer and smaller poos). Have a look at Millie’s Wolfheart. They have a decent meat content and are a smaller business based in the UK.

Author: Lee B.

Likes: 2

We always fed our Huskies Fromm’s. They have grain-free dog food, which is made right here in the USA. High calorie enough that our fuzzballs THRIVED eating it. When I can’t find it in the store, we usually feed them Taste of the Wild or Blue Buffalo. Both of these have very good puppy food, as well as adult rations.

Author: Macy W.

Likes: 1

We use Taste of the Wild Wetlands. It is the only food that wouldn’t upset his stomach when he was young.

Author: Paul H.

Likes: 2

We use Blue Buffalo and our vet was good with it. She’s 2 now and the vet said she’s perfect in health and size.

Author: Holly A.

Likes: 1

We have fed and still do feed her Blue Buffalo. She just turned 7 yesterday. It’s a little pricy, but it’s very nutritious and they don’t eat a lot to get full. And the don’t poop constantly.

Author: Yvonne W.

Likes: 1

I am 61 yes old and have had my dogs, I always start my pups on Purina Puppy Chow until they’re a year old. It has EVERTHING a puppy needs for great health while it’s growing.

Author: Rhonda H.

Likes: 0

Rachel Ray puppy chicken and brown rice, I supplement with boiled chicken peas and carrots. He also gets a good steak for a treat from time to time. He’s been very healthy since I rescued him and brought back to health. He was not expected to live but we got through heart worms, hook worms, other parasites, he was buck shot, he was figured to be a bit over a year old. He’s almost 8 tri color husky with one blue eye the other is one quarter blue three quarters brown.

Author: Kathy H.

Likes: 0

I love Fromm Family Foods. I trust where they source their ingredients from. Highly recommend. When my boy gets super stubborn I will mix in some zignature because they have a kangaroo flavor that helps keep my boy interested when he gets tired of his food but it’s too rich for his stomach so we use it just as a mix in with the fromm

Author: Sarah F.

Likes: 0

Taste of the wild is good for huskies. They have them for puppies and adults and are good for other dogs too. It has DHA omega 3s. Try to find it through your local feed store or buy it online. I recommend when it gets older to buy salmon and bison as it is good for their fur.

Author: Sharilyn N.

Likes: 0

I liked Merrick for a long time bc the hard food keeps their teeth clean but I did always mix in some shredded chicken or scrambled eggs when my husky was younger. Now that she’s a senior she mainly needs to eat soft food bc her teeth are sensitive and her allergies are worse so we do limited ingredients or fresh food.

Author: Debbie J.

Likes: 0

Farmina 100%. It’s spendier but you feed them less of it because it has less fillers. Also means they poop less too. My 50 lb boy eats 2 cups per day. They also haven’t had recalls. One rule I’ve learned is if you can buy your dog food in a grocery store, it’s a garbage food.

Author: Alexandra B.

Likes: 0

As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your husky’s food. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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