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20 Foods for Alaskan Malamutes with Sensitive Stomachs

| Published on November 28, 2022

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Alaskan Malamute! We asked our 800,000 members from our Alaskan Malamute community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for an Alaskan Malamute with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Alaskan Malamute’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

20 Best Foods for an Alaskan Malamute with a Sensitive Tummy

I used to cook my Malamute white rice with ground red meat (beef usually) when he had stomach issues . He loved it. However, you need to have him checked to make sure this isn’t leading to a bigger problem. I’m also begging all of you to make sure you give your babies plenty of good bone vitamins because they’re very prone to hip dysplasia in later age.

Author: Mj S.

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Our Mal will be 3 in March and we have had this struggle. We have her on this now for about 6 months and she’s done great. It’s a prescription but we’ll worth it.

Author: Aimie S.

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Not a food recommendation, but would HIGHLY recommend this probiotic chew from Amazon. My dog thinks they are a treat and it solidified her poop in about 3 days.

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Raw meat diet, or cooked meat! Depends how they deal with it! Either way, meat fish bones, affal & muscle! Mine is sensitive and will eat raw in some meat and cooked in others! He likes what he likes! It is always best, how he likes it! He must know what is best for him! He won’t eat it if he doesn’t like the meat raw then when I cook it he will eat it! Lol he’s a funny boy tbh but I give him what he wants and he doesn’t have tummy issues! Mine is 9 yrs old and still acts like a puppy tbh ! I won’t give mine dry food at all! Turns him into a poop machine lol

Author: Rachael W.

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Orijen – Six fish Check the ingredients. Had 2 mals with issues and this food made a world of difference. Also clean-up is way less. No preservatives and no FILLERS. This company has been on the top 25 list of dog foods for many years.

Author: Remco B.

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Our vet recommended lamb and rice, which worked and after a few months we gradually introduced Taste of the Wild dry food and have had no problems the last 3 years.

Author: Deborah E.

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I had to put Nanuq on prescription food. Science diet Z/D

Author: Shana B.

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I cook 8 cups of rice with 1 lbs of burger and venison of each and 2 cans on tuna and mixed veggies works good

Author: Matthew F.

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All we did for our mal was eliminate any food with chicken or turkey. He eats fish or lamb food now and has no issues.

Author: Deane W.

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Try real food , peas , sweet potato, chicken breast, salmon, brown rice , pumpkin, blueberries,. There is also a food name GO sensitives is good for husky and malamutes with sensitives stomach

Author: Maria Victoria J.

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Raw chicken thighs Rice n veggies wagg sensitive A handful of Asda Bran flakes with every meal, my girl suffered with colitis’s spent £s on medication only to discovery the above diet worked wonders!

Author: Donna B.

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Ground beef lentils sweet potatoes sqash peas and carrots spinach and rice some dogs do not do well with brown rice I use jasmine my dog is allergic to chicken

Author: Peggy S.

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We use Taste of the Wild High Prairie blend.

Author: Amy Coffey W.

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Author: Cindy D.

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Wild earth food is the best.

Author: Adrianna K C.

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We get Rachel Ray.

Author: John E.

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It really depends on why she/he has a sensitive tummy. Every dog is different. It could have an intolerance to chicken, beef or grain, or something else. Raw is usually good, but until you know what the triggers are it’s just a process of elimination. Vets will usually put you on a prescription diet of processed food, which may work but sometimes makes the problem worse. Try to keep it relatively simple while you trial things in brackets of 1-3 weeks. It’ll be easier to pin point the triggers

Author: Tammie T.

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Farmina pumpkin line of kibble

Author: Sara K.

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Iams sensitive

Author: Starla M.

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Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice for sensitive skin and tummies.

Author: Southern Pug M.

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Author: Sharon Norton Cosey T.

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