20 Foods for Poodles with Sensitive Stomachs

There are few things worse than dealing with diarrhea in your Poodle! We asked our 800,000 members from our Poodle community on facebook the following question: “What’s the best food for a Poodle with a sensitive stomach?”

We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Poodle’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be paid affiliate links at no additional cost to you. 

20 Best Foods for a Poodle with a Sensitive Tummy

I use Hill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs

Author: Deb H.

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Chicken and rice is what we gave our poodle as it was the only thing his stomach could tolerate after having kennel cough as a puppy.

Author: Linda M.

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Purina EN prescription dog food for sensitive stomachs. It really works.

Author: Beth C.

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Homemade browned ground lean Turkey, brown rice, and plain canned pumpkin. Mix it all together and serve.

Author: Diane L.

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Purina pro plan sensitive stomachs

Author: Hayley B.

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The chicken and rice is good but you need to start out slow on the chicken some dogs don’t tolerate that at all my dogs tolerate it they just don’t like it they’ll eat it if I don’t give him anything else all day I cook for my dogs they get beef or chicken probably once every couple months I slide in pork but there’s always a risk of diarrhea from that but they get beef and vegetables everyday chicken sometimes

Author: Paul S.

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I feed my poodle Fresh Pet. She has sensitive stomach and does very well on it.

Author: Gloria G.

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Chicken can be the worst thing for dogs with sensitive tummies , as it’s the biggest cause of allergies in dogs, speak to your vets or a good pet shop , my poodle has a awful problems , to chicken , pollen ,and perfume she eats pooch and mutt dried food for sensitive tummy , salmon and sweet potato …..I hope this helps

Author: Kerry M.

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Probiotics (healthy gut) helped my dogs…they are like new since we put them on and all 3 are over 10 years old…and we feed them gentle giant chicken flavor for small dogs…

Author: Cathy M.

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I feed the Hills prescription low fat gastrointestinal plus some plain yogurt as probiotics.

Author: Dalene M.

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Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomach, also plain chicken and rice. My Daisy loves it

Author: Agnieszka W.

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Honest Kitchen dehydrated human grade food saved all 3 of our poodles. Never had a vet visit after that and it’s been 6 years. So thankful I had a professional with much knowledge who recommended it.

Author: Stacey L.

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Natural Balance Vegetarian Wet canned food.

Author: Bebe G.

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I give my dog Purina One with lamb & brown rice, as he’s allergic to chicken.

Author: Lauren McNeal Z.

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My breeder recommended the Authority Chicken and Brown Rice with Tender Chunks.

Author: Bonnie Judith Ellen T.

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I use Nutro Ultra weight management cuz it has less fat. My Miss Tilly has problems with her stomach. I also give her cbd oil.

Author: Debbie F.

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Wellness complete health petite entrees

Author: Maribeth Gallese D.

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Royal canin gastrointestinal

Author: Brina Doris B.

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My puppy had issues & I kept taking her to the vet. Nothing worked & I was doing chicken/rice & then hamburger/rice , pumpkin etc. Turns out she doesn’t do well with chicken I was buying all this chicken/rice kibble in different brands & couldn’t figure it out. ( process of elimination) , but almost everything I read the ingredients of had some kind of chicken flavoring, meal etc. I’m giving her pre & pro biotic & still trying different foods . Currently on salmon . Good luck!!

Author: Susan Morris P.

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We use a digestive specialty for our teacup because human food is not good for them. This one has been fantastic!

Author: Carolyn Y.

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