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20 Holiday Gifts for a Healthier & Happier Dog

#20 – Joint relief for older dogs: Contains joint lubricating glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and turmeric ($29.99)


#19 – The Perfect “Toy” for an Anxious Pup ($9.99)

If your pup spends part of the day away from you, odds are they crave your smell. In fact, its been found that your smell has a calming effect on your dog. This toy, known as the Comfort Cuddler, allows you to leave a small article of clothing or your pillow case with your dog.


#18 – 4-in-1 Probiotic + Prebiotic + Digestive Enzymes to soothe troubled tummies ($29.99)

#17 – This tug toy that helps clean your dog’s teeth ($11.99)

Your dog won’t even know they’re having their teeth brushed! $11.99, available here.

#16 – A tasty senior multi-vitamin – make up for nutritional deficiencies ($19.99)

#15 – These awesome “invisible toothbrushes” for dogs. Free, just pay shipping (FREE, just pay S&H)

#14 – CBD Holiday Stocking Starter Gift Set – $50 Value, Only $39.00)


#13 – The fun & mentally stimulating Portoballo – put kibble inside and watch your dog try and get it out! ($3.99)

#12 – Soothe those calloused senior elbows with this all-natural elbow balm ($14.99)

#11 – Customizable Deluxe Nylon Collar. Eliminates need for dangerous and breakable dangling ID tags! ($14.99)


#10 – Skin & allergy chews for relief of itchy dogs with dry skin ($39.99)


#9 – A Delicious (and healthy) Bone Broth Food Additive for Senior Dogs – great for boosting appetite! ($24.99)

#8 – Every Dog’s Favorite High-Protein Treat… Bully Sticks ($14.99)

#7 – Snout Balm for Those Dry, Crusty Noses Our Pups Get ($14.99)


#6 – High Protein, Irresistible Yak Cheese Chews (from $10.99)

#5 – Brain Ball by Project Play™ – Treat Dispensing Teaser & Thinker Toy ($12.99)

#4 – Have a fast feeder? Eating too quickly can cause a deadly condition called bloat. Try this Slow Feeder Interactive Blue Maze Bowl ($9.99)

#3 – Teach Your Dog to Brush Their Own Teeth with This Rubber Brushing Stick! ($9.99)

#2 – Our Most Popular Treats Ever – Grain Free Dental Sticks! ($15.99)


#1 – The Super Popular Sniff Diggy Mat + Treat Pack – Hide treat inside and watch your senior exercise their nose & brain getting them out ($19.99)

BONUS – Senior Dog Complete CBD Joint & Dental Health System ($59.99, a $100 value)

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Written by Justin Palmer
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