21 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Dog Lovers

UPDATE: Great news! All of the deals below are LIVE now! Get a head start on your holiday shopping!

It’s time for holiday shopping! Next week is one of the best times to not just buy gifts, but anything you’ve been wanting on sale. We have a fantastic list of holiday gift items for your dog and the dog lover in your life, as well as must-have essentials (like treats!) that you can stock up on at unbelievable prices.

#1 – Give Warmth™ Durable Fleece Blanket (Every Blanket Sold Donates One to a Homeless Dog) Was $34.99, Now $24.99.

#2 – Giving Paws Warm & Fuzzy Gloves (was 12.99, now 8.99)

Get your paws on these gloves! Every year, they’re one of the top sellers on iHeartDogs. This is the lowest price ever!


#3 – Sniff Diggy™️ Fun Mental Stimulation Nose Work Winter Wonderland Mat Chicken Treats Set (was 39.99, now $19.99)

Nose work mats are all the rage! Keep your dog occupied for a long time with these fun and mentally stimulated toys. Hide treats inside the durable cloth strips.

#4 – Adorable Dog Socks! Was $8.99 Each, Now 5 for $25 


#5 – Dear Santa, I’ve Been A Good Dog Bandana (Was $9.99, Now $4.99)


#6 – Dogs ’n Wine Stemless Glass Gift Set (Was $29.99, Now $19.99)


#7 – Cannanine™ CBD Holiday Stocking Gift Set – ($60 Value, Now $39.00)

Excellent for older pups with joint pain or anxiety!


#8 – Bring Your Dog 5 Piece Pet Travel Bag (Was $39.99, Now $24.99)


#9 – Santa Paws Christmas Stocking (Was $14.99, Now $5.99)

#10 – Good Dog Christmas Treat Advent Calendar (Was $24.99, Now $14.99)


#11 – You’re My Furever Family Wind Chime (Was $29.99, Now $19.99)


#12 – Coffee or Wine Tumblers (Was $14.99, Now $12.99)


#13 – Love Dogs Large Canvas Tote (Was $7.99, Now $5.99)

#14 – A Piece Of My Heart Picture Frame (Was $17.49, Now $14.99)


#15 – Two Piece Set Reindeer Dog Merry Christmas Kitchen Towels (Was $12.99, Now $9.99)



#16 – Reusable Grocery Bags (Was $3.99, Now 4 for $12)


#17 – Always Kiss The Dog Goodnight Stars & Moons PJ Pant Set (Was $39.99, Now $24.99)


#18 – Pawdorable Pup Picture Frame Christmas Stocking (Was $14.99, Now $7.99)


#19 – Classic Holiday Plaid Bandana (Was $7.99, Now $4.99)


#20 – Set of 2 You Had Me At Woof Kitchen Towels (Was $12.99, Now $9.99)


#21 – I Love My Reindeer Dog Reusable Wine Bag (Was $3.99, Now $2.50)


BONUS: Free Every Dog Matters Paw Car Magnet (Was $6.99, Now FREE just pay S&H)


More of This Year’s Hottest Gifts for Dog Lovers!


“Christmas Miracle” Dog Angel Tree Topper – Every order donates 30 meals to shelter dogs! $29.99


Sterling Silver “Joy” Necklace or Bracelet with Story Card – $42.00


Snuggle Pups Warm ‘n Cozy Slipper Socks – $14.99

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