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25 Best Foods for an Overweight Lab

Written by: Z


Z is a Special Project Coordinator of HomeLife Media and a writer for She has 3 dogs namely Skye, Luna, and one of them is a rescue, named Tesla.Read more
| Published on May 2, 2023
Does your Lab have a few extra pounds they need to lose? You’re not alone. Members of our I Love My Lab Facebook community recently shared their insights on the following question: What food would you recommend for an overweight Lab? We received hundreds of helpful replies and below have compiled some of the best responses.

Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your lab’s diet, especially if they are overweight, and may have other related health issues. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.25 Best Dog Foods for a Lab That Needs to Lose Weight

25 Best Dog Foods for a Lab That Needs to Lose Weight

I used to cook up a large stew of meat and heaps of vegetables this would last about three nights and I would cook it again, for breakfast they would have dry food, a carrot which they loved for a snack and a large bone occasionally to chew on, they both lived until 14 never had to go to the vets, only for their needles, they were never overweight.

Author: Robyn B.

Likes: 27

I’ve use both Pro Plan Weight Management Chicken and Rice and Nutro Large Breed Weight Management.

Author: Liz W.

Likes: 16

I have the same problem. So a vet I used in CA said boil chicken white rice and spinach and other veggies he said chicken breast as it is lower in fat. I add a little kibble about half a cup and mix I pour a little of the water I boiled the breast in. I know it is costly but Mr Man has gone from 125 to 105 in 7 weeks and walks sooo much better

Author: Kris O.

Likes: 12

Our Chocolate Lab eats Nutro lamb/rice – he loves salads too, except carrots, celery, spinach. I make his ice cream- 32 oz. Vanilla yogurt, 1 TBSP natural peanut butter, 1 banana- mix together freeze 1/2 cup portions. Bedtime treat

Author: Pat L.

Likes: 7

Boiled white rice with boiled chicken (no skin). With some grated carrot or chopped lettuce or green beans or a mixture of all three. Very ‘clean’ and low fat meals. If they like treats throughout the day, use fresh or frozen carrots. Our Labs have always liked these. . Good luck with helping them lose weight, it’s very important for their wellbeing*. *1kg dog weight = 10kg in human weight

Author: Marlon K.

Likes: 22

I know the answer! It is called FROMM weight management. That is the only food we have given our dogs and their weight, skin and health has been great. No itchy skin, ect.

Author: Rosanna Ruocco S.

Likes: 17

Our lab was overweight and we put her on blue buffalo weight control. We gave her a cup and a half in the morning and the same at at night. She loved the food and lost 19 pounds. The vet didn’t want her over 100 and she was 96. We got her down to 77 pounds. Our lab was food driven so had no problem with the food. Good luck. I know it’s hard but it really helps to get the weight off their hips.

Author: Terry S.

Likes: 23

Hill’s Science Diet Weight Management. Worked great for my rescue dog

Author: Sonja Joy G.

Likes: 10

Our lab is almost 10 he lost 20 pounds we gave him Merrick salmon and sweet potato and as fruits and vegetables in it it’s a peach bag and they both love it and also the vet said throw some green beans in there canned I used to do carrots but I don’t anymore but they do love the green beans I used to give Miles three biscuits and his food in the morning and one scoop at night I cut down on his dry food and give him only one biscuit a day. But I also get to food at Petsmart.

Author: Crissy W.

Likes: 6

I’ve had both a lab and golden needing diets in the past… that lab was on Beneful Healthy Weight and replace 1 cup of food with 1 can of no salt string beans. Worked for both of them… not as much to get to that goal weight but both got to healthy weight. Good luck!

Author: Stefanie T.

Likes: 0

Make your own dog food. I used chicken or turkey. Sweet potatoes, rice, veggies and put it through the meat grinder. I buy what veggies that happen to be on sale. You can make it for a week and while you make your dog food, you can make a stew for your family, I used the slow cooker. Use your imagination. It’s really fun if you prepare your family dinner as well. But, I’ve put my mom’s old meat grinder to good use.

Author: Nancy L.

Likes: 0

We have the best luck with Royal Canin for labradors. 2 of the three labs lost weight. It also was great for our older lab who had a sensitive tummy-settled it down. Once we saw her tummy issues settle, she was more active and lost weight. Our third lab was a sweet rescue-this food helped with coat and a sensitive tummy too!

Author: Cindi G.

Likes: 1

Royal Canin Satiety Support is what worked for my boys. Both lost approx. 20lbs over a 3-4 mth time period. They were never hungry and still enjoyed their baby carrots and Milk Bone Mini’s as treats.Usually available thru your vet and also available thru Chewy . It became their permanent food and they kept the weight off. Good luck

Author: Marjorie F.

Likes: 3

Fromm weight management Burt has lost 7 pounds so far & I have tried tons food He gets very little kibble 3/4 c 2x day ,mainly green beans chicken dinner Snacks on whole green beans no salt added in can Good luck I’m still working at it!

Author: Mary B.

Likes: 2

We feed Authority adult Weight management and my dog lost over 20lbs. You can get at PetSmart it is their brand of food

Author: Diane D.

Likes: 0

Pet fresh, the 6 lb log is what we used for our lab, and still use for our two old rescues. My lab was overweight and diabetic, He lost weight and it really helped him within about 6 weeks.

Author: Jan Reeder S.

Likes: 2

My Vet recommended Purina One Healthy Weight. My dogs like it and have lost weight.

Author: Christy S.

Likes: 0

Have you ever tried Stella dehydrated and frozen foods? We absolutely love it for our Mossy girl

Author: Melissa P.

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My labs eat a grain free lamb and sweet potato dog food. I feed 1 cup dry food with 1/2 cup SALT-FREE green beans 2x a day. My big guy lost 10 over the course of a year. He now weighs 80# which is perfect for his senior body. Vet was very pleased.

Author: Tricia P.

Likes: 1

My 2 labs get 3 cups of Simply Nourish daily and we went to small treats a couple times a day. They also get pieces of banana and green beans when we have them. During hunting season they get a high energy food and it’s then 4 cups

Author: Jon L.

Likes: 0

My dog has 1 1/2 cups of dry food Nature’s Recipe and a half can green beans. Twice a day. Keeps his weight down. Used to have a black lab and he lost several pounds eating this, and he was diabetic. This was recommended by my vet

Author: Anne C.

Likes: 0

My lab just started his diet! He was on 3 cups of Purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach, salmon flavor. The vet recommended 1 cup 2x daily plus .5 cup of pet safe veggies 2x daily mixed in with each meal. We do mostly frozen green beans, with a little frozen peas and broccoli. Nuked in the microwave in a little water.

Author: Ashley Lynn R.

Likes: 0

Our vet recommended 1 cup dry and lots of fruits and veggies. So, every morning he got his dry food, with blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries a few of each and at dinner sweet Potato puree. When we adopted him his weight was 85 but he got down to 60 and the vet was happy. I would buy a sweet potato, boil it on Sunday then mashed it up and he had it all week.

Author: Tammi G.

Likes: 1

My lab is 13 and never had a weight problem. Lots of exercise when she was younger but as she aged and less active she still maintains her bikini body . Only have fed her Natural Balance Potato & Duck. Other flavors are available. Our Pittie-Mix is on the same food (7 years old) and she is at a healthy weight.

Author: Brandon B.

Likes: 0

In conclusion, providing an obese Lab with the right diet is crucial to ensure their journey towards a healthier weight is both enjoyable and effective. By focusing on high-quality protein sources, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and essential nutrients, you can support your dog’s weight loss while maintaining their overall health. Always consult with your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your pet’s diet. With patience, dedication, and the right food choices, your beloved Lab will be well on their way to achieving a leaner, happier, and more energetic life. Embrace the journey together for a stronger bond and a healthier future.
iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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