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27 German Shepherd Memorial Ideas

| Published on September 26, 2022

If you or someone you know recently lost their German Shepherd, our hearts go out to you! We believe our fur-babies may be gone, but they will always be with us in our hearts. ❤️🌈😥

We asked the members of our I Love My German Shepherd community on Facebook the following question: For those of you who have lost a pup, would you mind sharing what you’ve done? We received hundreds of amazing responses along with photos. We’ve highlighted some of the most unique German Shepherd memorial ideas below. 

27 Heartfelt Memorial Ideas for Your German Shepherd, from our German Shepherd Community

When our sweet girl Morgan passed away I took apart her water/ food dish stand. Photo of her along with paw mold where the dishes sat. Then made shelves out of the stand legs to display another photo and some of her toys and collar. The cloth under her… See more

Author: Ken L.

We had a resin pyramid made for Roxy with some of her ashes, piece of her frisbee, and her collar.

Author: Christina W.

Im sorry for your loss. We bought an urn with a German Shepherd and it holds his ashes, some hair, and his favorite ball. Also, bought a locket that has some of his ashes along with a pendant with his photo etched on it. And my husband got his image… See more

Author: Heather M.

My dogs food bowl, flowers, and a colored solar light green he was the green collar pup in his litter..I lost Za’pato my 6 yr old Shepherd to stage 3 lymphoma 3 months ago…shattered my heart

Author: Julie B.

Our 14 year old Granddaughter painted this in remembrance of our handsome Axel that passed away in January.

Author: Deborah M.

My husband’s retired military K9 working dog who passed in February of 2020. He got an entire sleeve done in honor of him.

Author: Sarah A.

We lost our Walker last year at 12 1/2 years – we had him for 12 years. I miss our boy very much – so gentle. He loved to go on walks on the trail behind our house in the woods every day several times until he wasn’t able anymore. After we lost him we … See more

Author: Riki D.

I had a glass heart made with my shepards ashes in it. Rainbow bridge hearts is the company. The silver you see, is her ashes.

Author: Venessa P.

We had to lay out sweet baby girl to rest the end of July . I decided to create a memorial by the door so she is still always there to greet us when we come home.

Author: Andrea S.

My beautiful white girls ashes are in this pot and we planted a white rose. Her collar holds it to the post and we have a handmade white GSD wooden plaque on the wall behind. I think of her all the time when I see the roses x

Author: Emma R.

Lost my German shepherd 3weeks ago, I planted a willow tree a few years ago. I’ve spread his ashes under the tree, with his sister

Author: Hayley D.

My Whiskeysashes are in this box (with some of her fur)

Author: Trish L.

Our Diamond passed away in March this year, got this unique Memorial from Pet Signature, send photos etc and every single detail is captured. This is an exact liking to our Diamond and we love it. You will find Pet Signature on Facebook. x

Author: Mai T.

I lost my beautiful babies within a month of each other. The heartbreak was unbearable. My husband had a cedar chest hand made for me with their pictures permanently affixed. I put their paw prints, a lock of their fur, their name tags, the last stick… See more

Author: Terie Trepl D.

My heart aches for the loss you’re feeling.My first Border Collie was exceptionally drawn to special needs people, elderly, and any thing he perceived as frail or needing to to be cared for, including other animals of all sizes. His double bagged ashe… See more

Author: Christie M.

I had his collar name tag tuff of fur and paw print all situated in a square that had a resin to seal it sits on my dresser I also had a photo drawn that hangs in my living room for as much as I saved him he saved me

Author: Kerri Lee M.

Lost my girl Dutchess , she was 10 years old. My husband made her a cross, we attached her collar, and food bowl to the back of it with writing from the both of us on it. We buried her with her favorite ball, and attached her favorite plush bone to the outside.

Author: Erika K.

I miss our Steel every day, and it’s been 2 years since he crossed the rainbow bridge. Our son gave us the beautiful sign, our daughter had a painting of an actual picture of him, and the vet gave us the paw print.

Author: Jennifer Hackney R.

Here’s what we did for our boy. He crossed the rainbow bridge almost 2 years ago. We also had his paw print done (it’s sitting on top of his box), and my hubby got his paw tattooed on his arm. I’m so sorry for your loss. Its devastating losing your bes… See more

Author: Rebekah H.

I got necklace urns with their names.

Author: Angie Befort T.

We had a laser etched block made. It sits on a small pedestal with lighting underneath so it takes on a 3-D look. Very cool. Then, I took pictures and wrote up stories about her and had it made on Shutterfly so people who didn’t know her could read abo… See more

Author: Jared F.

This my boys Diesel memorial plaque in the wall , its lit at night , miss my boy , but a fitting memorial he is buried in the middle , in front of the famine pot , his plaque is on the right !

Author: Anne M.

This is what I did when I lost my sweet Oliver.

Author: Steven F.

I planted four apple trees around our Rilla.

Author: Brook H.

came along with his cremains along with a small easel for display.

Author: Margaret M.

And we have him on the fireplace mantle and dress him up for the holidays.

Author: Jennifer Hackney R.

I had a box made put hes lead brush photo and some off hes hair in it

Author: Sonia S.

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