27 Spaces & Nooks That Will Turn Your House Into A Dog’s Dream Home

If you’re  doing some new home renovations, don’t forget to fit Fido into your plans! These ideas are not only dog-friendly, they’re practical, space-saving, and of course, absolutely gorgeous! Whether you live in a modest apartment or a huge mansion, these home updates and furniture additions are great ways to turn your space into your–and your dog’s–dream home!

A Hidden Nook in the Entryway


A Cozy Crate, Tucked Away

Colonial Farmhouse
Side Entrance with Built in Dog Bed and Crate - Contemporary Interior Renovation

A Convenient Place To Dine

Hip Bungalow
Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA

A Clever Storage Solution

Laundry room renovation

An Accessible Outdoor Space


A Cozy Hollow

Durango Plan - Valentine Estates, Woods Cross
Tudor Addition Mudroom Dog House

Dual-Purpose Furniture For You And The Dog

Dog Bed
dogs dream

A Built-In Spot For Bowls And Balls

Taylors Drive Residence
Woodchuck Kitchen Renovation

(See the drawer?)

A Whimsical Window Seat

Shirley Corwin
N. Mission Hills

A Special Spot To Sunbathe

Canyon Barn
bryant remodel

A Hidden Hole-In-The-Wall

Bungalow West

An Easy-Access Place To Bathe

Orient Park Main Floor Renovation
SE Vancouver Remodel
Canyon Meadows Renovation

An Outdoor Shower

san anselmo whole house remodel
(Check out the platform and spigott to the right of the glass doors.)
Long Beach Landscape Renovation


Aren’t these stunning?! If you have any dog-friendly renovation or storage ideas, we’d love to see them–post in the comments below!

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