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3 Great Ways To Strengthen Your Bond With Your Beagle


With breeds like the Beagle- who tend to be more independent and willful than, say, a Labrador- a strong bond is a must. If you have a strong bond with your Beagle, they will be more likely to listen to you when you ask something of them, rather than blowing you off to follow their nose. Unsure how to develop a better relationship? Here are three great ways to strengthen your bond with your Beagle.

Image Source: Hans Liu Via Flickr

#1 – Learn Your Beagle’s Language

What better way to improve your relationship and deepen your bond than to understand your Beagle better? In order to do that, you need to learn how they communicate through body language. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a host of free body language posters that can help you learn to speak “dog,” which your Beagle will greatly appreciate.

#2 – Training

Yes, training Beagles can be quite challenging. But you will not only have a well mannered dog, but one that has a deeper connection with you. When you and your Beagle train together, you are learning to communicate with each other and that goes a long way to create a lasting bond. As long as you keep training fun and engaging for your Beagle, he will want to spend time with you and will listen to you better. It’s a win-win for both of you.

#3 – Play

Play is an easy and fun way to bond with your Beagle. Any game she enjoys is fine, just as long as you’re doing it together! Agility trainers encourage play with their students because they have found it creates dogs that listen better and work harder for their owners.

Written by Kristina Lotz

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