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3 Important Things To Look For When Choosing Dog Treats

The pet food industry is still feeling the backlash from the 2007 recalls. Since then, customers have made it clear that their dogs’ health and well-being is worth more to them than having treats that are readily available in mass quantities at low prices. But because of this recall, and the way it put the health of so many dogs in jeopardy, it created pet parents that paid more attention to ingredients than ever before. So how do you really know if the treats you are buying are healthy and safe? To help you make a wise decision for your dog, here are three important things to look for when choosing dog treats.

Image Source: A Fairytail House
Image Source: A Fairytail House

#1 – Source Of Ingredients

After the recalls, “Made in the USA” became the buzzwords for dog food and treats. But it’s important to understand a few things about this marketing slogan. First, products from other countries, such as Canada, Europe, etc., are also safe. The main thing is that they are not coming from countries with little or no quality control, such as China. Second, where the ingredients are sourced is even more important. A product can be made in the USA, but if all the ingredients come from China, it still may be unsafe. Most companies do not put where their ingredients are sourced on the label, so you may have to check out their website or even call their customer service to find out.

#2 – Number Of Ingredients

This one can be tricky. The number of ingredients doesn’t really matter, if they are all high-quality and beneficial. However, most manufactured treats are full of fillers, artificial preservatives, and additives that your dog really shouldn’t consume. The simpler the ingredient list is, the better when it comes to your dog. This is especially important if you have a dog with allergies or a sensitive stomach. In those cases, single ingredient treats are best.

#3 – Quality Of Ingredients

Next you need to look at what those ingredients are. Just because they are natural, doesn’t mean they are good for your dogs. I have even seen treats with ingredients that are known to be toxic to dogs, so do your homework. Also, look at fat and calorie content, especially for training treats. Veterinarians recommend that treats only make up 10% of a dog’s diet, but if you are training with treats than this is likely exceeded. In those cases, it is especially important that these treats are not just “junk” food you’re filling up your dog on.

Totally confused on what treats to buy? Check out the Project Paws SINGLE ingredient treats. We tell you right on the package where they are sourced and made, so you can rest easy knowing they are coming from somewhere safe. In addition, our treats have one single ingredient for the benefit of your dog. And, like all our products, each purchase helps feed shelter dogs.

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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