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3 Things All Husky Owners Should Know

| Published on February 18, 2017

If you are thinking about getting a Siberian Husky, or are a new owner, then you have probably wondered if they have any special care requirements. All dogs have the same basic needs – food, water, shelter, attention, training, love, etc. – but each breed also has unique traits and health issues that require your attention as well. Whether you have owned Huskies all your life or are new to the breed, the following are three things you should know about them.

Image Source: Angela Via Flickr

#1 – They Are Escape Artists

Huskies are intelligent, crafty, and agile–not a good combination when you are trying to keep one secure. They learn how to open doors, including crate cages. Huskies can climb walls and fences, dig under things, pry open all sorts of doors – in short, they are skilled escapists. Knowing you need an extra secure house and yard is very important when you have a Husky. Only use a dog door if you have a secure fence around your yard.

#2 – They Can’t Be Trusted Off-Leash

If you walk in an area that is not fenced, it’s not a good idea to have your Husky off-leash. While there are exceptions to this rule depending on the amount of training your dog has had, for the most part, Huskies are wanderers that love to run. This makes them a high flight risk. It’s best to keep them on leash.

#3 – They Are Prone To Separation Anxiety

Siberian Huskies do not like to be left alone. As a breed, they have a very high tendency towards separation anxiety. Mix this with their ability to escape and destroy things, and you can have a big problem on your hands. It’s important to take training and environmental precautions to help diminish the chance of your Husky developing separation anxiety.

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