3 Things Your Chihuahua Loves More Than Anything

While every Chihuahua has his own personality, including likes and dislikes, there are commonalities between them – it’s part of what makes them a Chihuahua. Chances are if you share your life with one, you are also aware that they are pretty fussy. They like what they like and hate what they hate – that’s the end of it! So if you’ve been trying to please your Chihuahua and have had no luck, you may be wondering what you can do or give her that she will truly enjoy. The following are 3 things most Chihuahuas love more than anything.


#1 – Snuggly Beds

With their short hair and tiny bodies, Chihuahuas seem to get cold quickly. They truly love to snuggle into a warm and cozy bed, preferably with sides so that when they curl up, their body heats gets trapped in. Put it near a sunny window and your Chi will be in heaven!

#2 – Barking

Chihuahuas seem to love to hear their own voice, don’t they? Many of them are “alert barkers” and once they start, owners have a hard time getting them to quiet down.

#3 – You!

Chihuahuas are known for being fiercely loyal. Though small, they have large hearts and they bond closely with their people. So you can please your Chihuahua just by spending time with her. Just don’t invite any “other humans” along – they aren’t wanted.

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