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3 Things Your Corgi Loves More Than Anything

| Published on March 14, 2017

Those ears. Those stubby legs. That sassy ‘tude! There is a lot about a Corgi to love and let’s face it, we love them to the moon and back. Anything we can do to make them happier about life in general, we will do. While Corgis are pretty happy about anything that comes along, they definitely have some favorites. Here are three things your Corgi love more than anything.

Image Source: Ymvf Via Flickr

#1 – Chasing

They are a herding breed after all! For some, this may be actually herding cattle or sheep. Others may like to chase your cat or kids. Or maybe a ball is enough for them. What they are chasing is not as important to them as the act of the chase.

#2 – Food

Corgis love food. For a small dog with a tiny stomach, they act as if they are always hungry. This does make training easier – if you want to give your Corgi something he loves, just give him his dinner or a tasty snack.

#3 – Unexpected Bursts of Excitement.

Some Corgi owners call this “frapping” or “zoomies” – but basically it’s when your Corgi just can’t seem to hold himself together any longer and goes flying through your house as if being chased by the Fairy Folk! They often slide across floors, run into walls and under or over anything in their path. These bursts don’t last long, stopping as mysteriously as they began. (Maybe it is the Fairy Folk taking a ride on your Corgi after all!)

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