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3 Ways to Keep Your Dachshund Happy And Healthy

| Published on October 15, 2016

Dachshunds are happy little dogs that fill our lives with laughter and companionship. For that, we owe them more than we can ever repay. As dog owners, we try our best to give back to our furry best friends who give us so much unconditional love. But sometimes we run out of ideas or wonder if we are doing all we can to give them the best life possible. The following are 3 ways you can let your Dachshund know how much he means to you by keeping him happy and healthy.

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Image Source: Tony Alter Via Flickr

#1 – Keep Him Trim

Dachshunds are genetically predisposed to all kinds of spine issues as well as hip dysplasia. Keeping your Doxie in good shape can really make a difference. Extra pounds adds stress to joints, which will just make him more likely to develop problems later. And, if your Doxie already has issues, that excess weight will exacerbate them. Just be sure to talk to your vet to make sure your exercise regimen is not too strenuous, especially if your Doxie already has spine or hip problems.

#2 – Give Her A Job

While Dachshunds have become thought of as lap or “purse” dogs, they are actually an active hunting dog. Your Doxie will be happiest with a job to do, especially if it’s one that uses her instincts. This could be as simple as giving your Doxie a sand box to dig in, or as involved as going to a Nose Works or Barn Hunt class. All of these are perfect for your Dachshund, who was bred to get vermin out of the ground. Plus, all that activity will help keep him trim!

#3 – Use A Harness

Many people forget that their Doxie’s spine includes their neck, which is small and delicate. Collars, especially choke and prong, can cause severe damage to your Doxie’s neck and spine. A well-fitted, V-neck harness that allows shoulder movement and cradles the spine is a much better choice to keep your Dachshund both happy and healthy.

Image Source: Tony Alter Via Flickr


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