3 Ways To Keep Your Pomeranian Happy & Healthy

The Pomeranian is a lively, intelligent breed that fills its home with cuteness and love. It’s no surprise that owners of these darlings are quite taken with them – even visitors are quickly won over with their teddy-bear faces and funny personalities. For all the joy they give us, it’s only natural we want to make sure they have the best life possible. If you’ve been wondering if there is something more you could be doing, here are 3 simple ways to keep your Pomeranian happy and healthy.


#1 – Clean Teeth Daily

Pomeranians are extremely prone to plaque and other teeth issues. They often have “the breath of death,” a side effect that speaks for itself. Cleaning your Pom’s teeth daily can help prevent a lot of issues. Also be sure she is getting routine cleanings at the vet.

#2 – Use a Harness

Another issue Poms are prone to is a collapsed trachea. Using a Y-shaped harness that cradles their neck and spine can go a long way to preventing this terrible condition, which requires surgery.

#3 – Training

Although people think of them as a lap dog, Pomeranians are highly intelligent and love to please, making them wonderful training partners. They can do anything from Competition Obedience and Rally to Agility and Flyball, and they will be happy for the mental and physical exercise as well as the attention from you.

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