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31 Unique Basset Hound Names [with PICS!]

| Published on September 22, 2022

Are you bringing up a new Basset Hound and looking for a unique, original or funny Basset Hound name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Basset Hound puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Basset Hound Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Basset Hound have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Basset Hound.

31 Original Basset Hound Puppy Name Ideas

This was Lady Bug, a very red (and white) Basset that had black spots on her belly!

Author: Julie K.

Nutmeg Spice

Author: Kelly T.

August Moon Augustson, Auggie for short.

Author: Dawn H.

My sweet Boomer, he tends to be a little gassy…..soooo his nickname is ‘Sir Booms Alot!….

Author: Andrea C.

Indiana Autumn. She’s from Indiana, I drove there to get her and Autumn is my favorite time of year

Author: Rich T.

Number Three . We got him through a rescue group, and he came with that name – a toddler had named him. I thought it was cute so he stayed #3, but he was #1 in my heart!

Author: Lori M.

This is Elby. We got her from a breeder (she was a breeder dog) and her name was Lazy Bones. I took the L and the B and put ‘em together! Elby. I was 15 when we got her and insisted she have a different name LOL

Author: Lindsay A.

Sweet Caroline … named from Neil Diamond’s song

Author: Terri Sloan B.

He is a rescue from Georgia Hound Bassett Rescue…. came with this name…Ferris Drooler….pic of Us taking him Home

Author: Samuel David B.

On the left. Moger ( pronounced Moe grrr)He was adopted so he came with that name.On the right, my boy Avery.… See more

Author: Lisa S.

X4 1)Maxwell Silverhammer 2)Bella Smella Wabbit 3)Little Women 4)Colonel Beauregarde

Author: Bill R.

Junior de Asis Gordon Lagordhi.

Author: Olga Marisol Leal Mena de G.

Ludo, after one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies.

Author: Julie M K.

Shirley Bassey

Author: Kim H.

This is my sweet basset boy Tucker I lost him a 1 1/2 ago

Author: Dianna L.


Author: Katia Z E.

Delores Shay

Author: John G.


Author: Tracy M.


Author: Sueann C.

Sherlock Bones

Author: Kelly M.

Earl and Omer

Author: Kris H.

Piper Linn

Author: Annie K.

Poe (from star wars)

Author: Jennifer R.

Fred AKA “The G.O.A.T.”

Author: Paula M.

MurphyHe loves to hang at the pool with us.

Author: Earl W.

I am Happy to introduce “MudFlapp”

Author: Kami W.

Liberty Belle. Libby for short

Author: Kate Treadway M.

Chumlee …. Pawn stars

Author: Cherryl M.


Author: Marianne S.

Angela Basset

Author: Kim H.


Author: Amy V.

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