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33 Lab Memorial Ideas

| Published on September 26, 2022

If you or someone you know recently lost their Lab, our hearts go out to you! We believe our fur-babies may be gone, but they will always be with us in our hearts. ❤️🌈😥

We asked the members of our I Love My Lab community on Facebook the following question: For those of you who have lost a pup, would you mind sharing what you’ve done? We received hundreds of amazing responses along with photos. We’ve highlighted some of the most unique Lab memorial ideas below. 

33 Heartfelt Memorial Ideas for Your Lab, from our Lab Community

I created a memorial box at the place we swam every night during the summer before she passed. I have met so many people and pups through this. Initially, I just wanted somewhere I could go to remember her, but this has truly allowed my Miley girl to… See more

Author: Kristen W.

My beautiful Poppy!!! Been over a year and I miss her so much every single day

Author: Rhoda C.

Our cemetery for our fur- babies at our farm. Two were labs and two were rescues, one of which strayed onto our property, into our hearts, and never left. Love and miss them all.

Author: Cindy K.

We had some art glass made with her ashes. Chocolate lab , birthstone is green and her ashes

Author: Lorraine L.

Lost our Harry 4 weeks ago I have a little memorial corner with his ashes, paw print and his bowl and collar with plants in. 3 of his favourite gravy bones on top of his casket

Author: Louise R.

Also had my boys paw print tattooed on my arm.

Author: Sharon M.

This is our pet cemetery! We have our two labs and bull terrier and cat buried here! I want to add that we have been married for 35 years and this is a very special place on our property in the country that we love and have fond memories ofour beloved pets!

Author: Kara C.

I have a picture of my Sarah and her ashes on my book shelf in my office.

Author: Teresa H.

Her ashes are in the decoy.Sadie was a great duck hunter and a sweet girl

Author: Judy H.

My went to heaven on July 28, 2022.She was a registered therapy dog. She was a wonderful girl and everyone who knew her loved her. Miss her so much.The two pics below her box of ashes are a drawing the Chewy sent me and a paw print from our vet.

Author: Veronica M L.

I had a marker made for my Bucky. It’s in our front entry way of the home he loved. He was cremated and his ashes will be buried with us

Author: Stephanie Litzinger O.

I did this for my Chocolate lab for years

Author: Cynthia P.

I had my beautiful boy cremated and had some of his ashes in this beautiful urn that sits I the garden where I can see him every day and the rest in a scatter tube to scatter on his favourite places. Inside a corner with his photo, a framed paw p… See more

Author: Margaret B.

Our boy sits here in our living roomThe light behind is a P for PumbaI also have a tattoo on my arm.… See more

Author: Gillian C.

This was his urn. It’s big Enough for ashes and a ball. Also have a photo collage that his collar hangs from.

Author: Jason L.

I made a shadow box with her working dog things and collar, she worked search and rescue, had a painting done and framed the ceramic paw print the crematorium sent. I also have her ashes in a beautiful carved wooden box with her info

Author: Teri Hancock L.

I have a tattoo on my foot of my boys paw print and I have a pendant that was made with some of his fur in it from Equine Keepsakes

Author: Danielle P.

When we had to put our Mookie down a had him cremated and they gave me a paw print. I will eventually do something with it just haven’t decided what yet. Three and a half years and it’s still hard to think about that day.

Author: Casper E.

Bens corner where he had his bed

Author: Gill J.

My Girlfriends bought me a Pink Dogwood tree and a dear friend handmade a cross for my sweet Kokomo

Author: Marie Z.

Artful Ashes. Both of our lab’s ashes are together. Each of our kids received one.

Author: Jennifer Lyn B.

We did this frame and a picture of The Boys.

Author: Carol J.

We had our boy cremated and put inside a teddy and the rest in this beautiful box

Author: Meg K.

In memory of our sweet yellow lab that passed just over a year ago; sleep with it every night.

Author: Jill R.

Here lies Sirius, a good boy.

Author: Stephanie D.

Green is my favorite color. Ashes from 3 dogs blown into this glass dog bone. Remaining ashes were spread at their favorite beach and places where they played.

Author: Anne K.

Milo and July headstones Little Augie sitting by them. I go to the monument company and get stones that have minor damage but cant be sold for people memorials. The flaws are barely noticeable and the cost is greatly reduced.

Author: Tim F.

We have a friend who is an artist. She did a portrait from a picture of our Stella.

Author: Faun L.

My story is fairly simple. When Sancho, my last Lab, left me the Mobile Vet took him remains to his 32 acre farm where Sancho was cremated. This kind man offered to spread Sancho’s ashes is a meadow with other beloved pets were spread. This gave me gre… See more

Author: Nancy C.

I have this piece of live edge for my girl that passed away this year and put some of her ashes in the butterfly .

Author: Steph L.

3D photo put in crystal

Author: Jim L.

I got this done for my furbaby Buster with engraving on bk

Author: Marie McClenaghan B.

Her favorite swimming spot. It just isn’t the same without her.

Author: Carrie Porubcan B.

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