34 Unique Golden Retriever Names [with PICS!]

Are you bringing up a new Golden Retriever and looking for a unique, original or funny Golden Retriever name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Golden Retriever puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Golden Retriever Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Golden Retriever have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Golden Retriever.

34 Original Golden Retriever Puppy Name Ideas

This is Taika. It’s the Finnish word for magic. He is magical, he makes me smile every single day

Author: Maggie T.

Glory because it came to me in a dream and Soni (pronounced Sunny) short for her registered name Moonlight Sonata.

Author: Lorna H.

Thor, Thea, Tilly, Thanos, Tango and Tuna!!

Author: Amber B.

Noel. Because I got her on Christmas Eve.

Author: Jim C.

Sierra Her name came up when we were looking for names and since we live near Mt Rainier and Sierra means mountain range it became her name

Author: Carol G.

LJ weight lifter…5 months old…

Author: Lee N.

My late Golden’s name was Doobie. He was named by the breeder and the only one in his litter without a “real” dog name. I got him at 8 weeks and didn’t want to confuse him by changing his name. I figured he had enough changes in his early life by leaving his original dog family. But I sure took a lot of ribbing about his name as I had spent my entire adult life in law enforcement. But when he was about 9 years old, one of the people in my condo complex told me that in Hebrew Doobie meant “teddy bear.” I looked it up and sure enough it did. He was my big teddy bear. He lived to nearly age 13. I miss him every day.

Author: Paul H.

Crosby after my son’s favorite hockey player Sidney Crosby!!

Author: Wendy J.

Adonis which is Greek for a very handsome young man

Author: Bri M.

My generation gets it but it is unique to the younger generation; ‘Scooby’ Full name ‘Scooby Doo’, short name, ‘Scoobs’

Author: John B.

Lila Jane & Charlotte Rose

Author: Lynn W.

Dixie Normas because I let my teenage boys name my dog. . In their defense, Normas is supposedly after grandpa Norman.

Author: Kari Johnson C.

I love the story of how Ace got his name! I adopted Ace in 2015 from a rescue in Ohio. His original family has kept in touch with me, and shared the story of his name! Ace is named after Batman’s Dog, Ace, the Bat Dog! When I adopted him, he was also wearing a batman collar! I kept the name and the collar, not only because I loved it, but for the kids in his original family. Ace has since outgrown his collar, but I replaced it with a larger batman collar! He is the Ace of my Heart!

Author: Sandra K. B.

My gorgeous sweet Amber is called wiggle butt

Author: Deborah G.


Author: Mary K Theisen W.

Whiskey and a Winston

Author: Wendi A.

Cinnamon and champagne

Author: Larry S.

Buster (blue) & Wrigley (red)My husband and I are a HUGE baseball fans and I’m from Chicago (hence Wrigley…) and my husband loves the SF Giants so Buster after Buster Posey, great catcher.

Author: Judy N.


Author: Danielle Butera H.

Excalibur ‘ Exie ‘ as nickname .

Author: Wendy C.

Lexie is AKA “Li’l Buddy

Author: Marianne Verzi M.

Harley and Marley

Author: Nancy Gates S.

Willow (aka buggy) & Oaky (aka piranha)

Author: Regina M S.

Prada and Kenzo

Author: Kat H.

Chance. I believe in chance. I wanted him to bring good luck to me.

Author: Didem Deran G.

Dufferin “Duff” named after the county my husband is from.

Author: Angela Shields G.


Author: Ashley K.

Highlands Seamus the Brave, Oh Happy Day. I this boy!

Author: Kris Trandel P.

Norse chosen to unite our families together. Oskar, an uncle’s name from Norway and to follow on from Norse.

Author: Amanda S.

Baya St. Louise after the city Bay of St. Louis

Author: Mindy Bisbee D.

Renegade (named after FSU horse)

Author: Dustin G.

PDub (Peter Warrick’s nickname)

Author: Dustin G.

Tattor and Totty. Just like tater tots

Author: Ashley D.

Clive and Finley

Author: David B.

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