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36 Unique Yorkie Names [with PICS!]

| Published on September 17, 2022

Are you bringing up a new yorkie and looking for a unique, original or funny yorkie name? Whether you’re bringing home a new yorkie puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Yorkie Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your yorkie have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new yorkie.

36 Original Yorkie Puppy Name Ideas

Our cute Morkie is named TaterTot & fits him.

Author: June Corbett-Mc F.

Meet Naughty Nancy Noodles my baby

Author: Jacquie G.

Sir Barkleys Tudie Cupcake..Tudie is because she has a sassy attitude!

Author: Jillian J.

Mia is her name but I sometimes call her MiMi!

Author: MarySue D.

Biskit… sadly a rescue .. a bred bait dog.. biskit was the word he responded to so became his name… he’s a dear little dog but has serious reactive issues with dogs and adults.. he must have got comfort from children as he always snuggles up to children although I don’t trust him to be left with any.. . But he is a happy little dog when he’s at home extremely nervous in our walks..

Author: Lorna D.

Donut & Cupcake

Author: Brenda Poston S.

Lola….cutest dog with the worst crossbite and both of her sisters are dental hygienists lol

Author: Chris Markos C.

My little girls name is Fleur. She has that name coz in Dutch her name ( fleur op ) means she brightens us up after we lost our york named Thom. Now she is 5 months and our sunshine

Author: Mikey Tomy F.

Tess short for Contessa Brianna my husband gave her big name

Author: Beverly G.

Lavern and Shirley

Author: Suzanne Van Ostenburg G.

Frankie jo and Sadie Mae

Author: Ronda Valois L.

Abbi Rose, my little Parti Yorkie She’s a such a sweetie!!!

Author: Maggie Kelly M.

Her actual name is Stormey but only because she was born during a storm. But I have nicknamed her Angel Face.

Author: Bethany G.

My smallest yorkie is Lickety Gidget, she’s always giving kisses.

Author: Judy S.

Gracie Mae..aka Sugars

Author: Rhonda Jo B.

Bear or Boo bear

Author: Sandy Gordon- M.

His name is KONJO which means handsome in Ethiopia.

Author: Belinda Pagal W.

This is Gizmo…. He crossed the rainbow bridge… miss him still

Author: Kim Robinson K.

Not an exceptional name (Cooper) but an awesome dog.

Author: Elizabeth Bertino R.

Gem and Millie

Author: Christine M.

Caboose! His formal name is Michael J Caboose

Author: Lori C.

Cricket lovable baby ever

Author: Angela G A.

Lady Pepper Mint

Author: Roxanne P.

Georgie porgie is his name but gets called syhco coz he is very naughty lol

Author: Sylvia J.

His name is Winston but we call him Hot Rod!!

Author: Wanda L.

Guinness Spartacus bo jangles

Author: Paul B.

ISARIELA She is named after our latest Yorkies Isabella and Ariel

Author: Tamara Wright L.

This is my Little Man, my spoiled rotten child.

Author: Tammy L Kunde C.

Lilo and Stitch

Author: Suzanne Van Ostenburg G.

Mitzi, Willy, Hooley. opie, ernie sparky, pee pee, Chrissy, tobi,

Author: James C.

Don’t know if it’s unique or not, but her name is Lexi and she’s one awesome baby girl

Author: Reggie P.

Ellie my cupcake

Author: Gail OQ J.

Diva & Gucci

Author: Darlene N.

Gidgets sister is Gabby Wabby.

Author: Judy S.

This is my HAVOC………and at times, he causes it around the house. Just look at that sweet face………

Author: Bob K.

My boy Link, named for the hero of the Legend of Zelda games. He’s my little hero.

Author: Laurie L.

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