38 Unique Australian Shepherd Names [with PICS!]

Are you bringing up a new Australian Shepherd and looking for a unique, original or funny Australian Shepherd name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Australian Shepherd puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Australian Shepherd Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Australian Shepherd have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Australian Shepherd.

38 Original Australian Shepherd Puppy Name Ideas

Bevo…from Texas

Author: Lisa Terrell M.

Dagny Puddle. Her middle name came from the family where she was born… We can only guess why! LOL

Author: Hollie Z.

Aussie! Nickname Fancy !

Author: Diana H.


Author: Dana H.


Author: Kim Daniels M.

This is my boy Lotto! We definitely won the Lotto with him!

Author: Dannielle S.

Bailey and Guinness

Author: Jennifer D.

Jovi loves his frisbee. He is named after Bon Jovi, a favorite musical band of mine.

Author: Lin S.

My girl Harley

Author: Debbie V.

.Mango and Savannah

Author: Michelle T.

Gnarly Bear

Author: Mikah G.


Author: Christine M P.


Author: Denise W.

And Daisy!

Author: Sue M.

Crash-named after Kevin Costner’s character in the movie ‘Bull Durham’ my fav.

Author: Kimberly Johnstone S.

Papico & Bisco

Author: Shiho Hayashi H.

Jack Sparrow, my pirate from the Caribbean

Author: Yanira B.

Coco Bean

Author: Christina M.

This is my baby girl Ahjhai

Author: Nicole J.


Author: Polly B.


Author: Christopher B.

Zuni and Taos…. Awesome dogs!

Author: Charlie C.

Panda but I should have named her  Marilyn Monroe

Author: Britani K.

Phoenix Layne

Author: Jessica R.


Author: Susan Oliver B.


Author: Dana H.


Author: Betsy M.

Kuzco my foster

Author: Theresa C.

Jaehaerys Autumn Shade

Author: Christian B.

Mack short for MacKenzie

Author: Spunky Farms A.

Tara……Try A Real Aussie

Author: Elizabeth E.

AGUSTUS MACRAE GOODWIN > TEXAS RANGER, fought 3 wars , Hung many Horse theifs and Rustlers, protected countless settlers as they traveled out west. And highly regarded as a poker player and a Womanizer!!! He’s the one splayed out relaxing on my deck with the wifey an my other dog Mousey

Author: Keith G.

Less creative river. But usually called puppet or bubba

Author: Dana H.

Professor Charles J Worthington III or Charlie

Author: Kari T.


Author: Hailey W.

LILBIT ! She was the runt of the litter !

Author: Jay H.

This butt head is Bub

Author: Carmen D.

Windwalker !!!!

Author: Paul M.


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