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4 Dog Breeds That Start with “H”

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on September 19, 2023

Looking for some dog breeds that start with the letter H? The multifaceted realm of canines boasts a wealth of breeds, each with its distinctive qualities, history, and appeal. Venturing further through the alphabet, the letter “H” reveals a collection of honorable breeds that stand as a testament to the versatility and charm of dogs. Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), these breeds, while few in number, offer a wide range of attributes and uses. From the vivacious Havanese to the gentle Harrier, let’s delve into the four honorable breeds that begin with the letter “H”.

  1. Havanese

    • Origin: Cuba
    • Description: With roots in the tropical island of Cuba, the Havanese, also known as the “Havana Silk Dog,” captivates hearts with its silky coat and bubbly personality. Initially bred as companion dogs for Cuban aristocrats, their amiable nature, adaptability, and small stature have made them a favored choice for urban dwellers and families alike. Their coat, which can range from wavy to curly, adds to their allure, making them both stylish and endearing.
  2. Harrier

    • Origin: England
    • Description: Often mistaken for a large Beagle or a small English Foxhound, the Harrier stands out with its keen sense of smell and stamina. Traditionally bred for hare-hunting in packs, this breed exhibits traits of determination, tenacity, and vigor. Despite their hunting pedigree, Harriers are known for their gentle and friendly disposition, getting along well with other dogs and forming strong bonds with their human families.
  3. Hokkaido

    • Origin: Japan
    • Description: Hailing from the northernmost island of Japan, the Hokkaido, also known as the Ainu Dog, is a breed of immense resilience and loyalty. Initially bred to hunt game in the harsh terrains of Hokkaido, this breed is characterized by its sturdy build, upright ears, and curly tail. Renowned for their unwavering loyalty and sharp instincts, Hokkaidos are both adept hunters and devoted companions. Their thick double coat, which helps them withstand cold climates, adds to their rugged charm.
  4. Hungarian Puli

    • Origin: Hungary
    • Description: Distinct for its unique, corded coat, the Hungarian Puli stands as a symbol of pastoral life in Hungary. Bred primarily as sheepdogs, their agile movements, sharp intelligence, and unmistakable coat made them invaluable to shepherds. The cords, which often resemble dreadlocks, serve not only as a protective layer against weather and predators but also give the Puli its iconic look. While they may appear as mop-like show-stoppers, Pulis are hardworking, alert, and energetic, making them excellent herders and companions.


The “H” breeds, though limited in number, exude a sense of honor that spans continents, cultures, and centuries. From the lively streets of Havana to the rugged terrains of Hokkaido, these breeds remind us of the diverse roles dogs have played in human history.

Whether you’re seeking a vivacious companion to brighten your days, a diligent worker to assist in pastoral tasks, or a loyal guardian to stand by your side, the honorable “H” breeds offer a compelling array of choices. As with all breeds, understanding their unique needs, traits, and histories ensures a bond filled with mutual respect, admiration, and countless moments of joy.

In embracing any of these breeds, one not only welcomes a pet but also a piece of history, a dash of culture, and an abundance of love. Explore the world of these honorable breeds and let their tales of valor, resilience, and affection inspire and enrich your journey with canines.

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