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5 Creative Business Start-Ups For Dog Enthusiasts

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on June 1, 2015


Love dogs? Why not turn it into a career? There are the usual suggestions of becoming a dog trainer, behaviorist or even a groomer. These ideas take time, schooling, certifications and licensing. People may suggest dog walking or becoming a pet sitter. While they are decent start-ups, they’ve been covered the internet over by animal lovers all around the world. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar operation. Owners are spending more on their pets now than ten years ago. Tap into a niche market using creative skills. Listed below are five dog related businesses that may be started in the home with little effort.

Dog Baker

There is no doubt about it, dogs love their treats! With all of the news hype about toxins in commercial pet food, more owners are looking for safe, home grown options. Baking all natural dog treats may be prepared in a home kitchen; local ordinances vary from county to county, check with the local health department to see if there are any restrictions. In addition to baking tasty, wholesome treats… some business trendsetters also explore the realm of creating, packaging and selling homemade meals for dogs.

Research is a must when starting this business. There are certain foods that are considered toxic to dogs and therefore never used in any dog food products.

Dog Masseuse

Dogs get stressed, some need a relaxing outlet and that’s where a massage therapist comes into play. While technically you don’t need a certification for this business, it does help. Reading and research on pressure points and reflexology will only get a person so far. There are schools and online courses available to learn canine massage therapy. Pet parents tend to relax a bit more when a proven professional is taking care of their furbabies.

Dog Photography

Have camera, will travel. If photography is a passion, then why not earn a little extra cash by capturing a beloved pooch in their best light. Owners will pay top dollar for professional portraits of their dogs. There are a number of options available to a budding photographer. Open a stationary studio or travel to a setting of the owner’s choice. Photo equipment and an eye for detail are needed for this start up.

Dog Supplies

Have a knack for sewing, knitting or crocheting? Why not create custom made outfits and accessories for dogs? There are some breeds that do need those sweaters when the weather turns chilly. Crochet a snow hat, with holes for the ears; stitch a pair of rain boots? If apparel isn’t appealing, design unique pet beds or dog houses. Craft fun food bowls. Create dog bedding. The possibilities are endless on what pet parents will by for fashion or convenience.

Dog Hygiene

Master mixer in the house! With the increasing concern over chemical usage and the growing rate of skin allergies, consider making and marketing a line of dog hygiene products. Shampoos, toothpaste, powders and hair rinses. The only requirement is a bit of research; there are some products that shouldn’t be used on dog’s skin.

These are a few of the vast opportunities for pet lovers to create a business. Marketing these opportunities are as simple as making business cards and distributing them to dog related businesses. Rent a table at a farmers market or local festival to spread the word about the venture. Take dog enthusiasm to the next level. Become a dog entrepreneur.


Renee Moen is a veteran shelter employee and certified dog trainer. Specializing in basic obedience and behavior modification, she recognizes each dog for their unique qualities and utilizes those for positive training experiences. Renee is an advocate for dispelling breed myths and denouncing breed discrimination.  All dogs are created equal, owners on the other hand…

 Living in sunny Longmont, Colorado with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats and five birds, Ms. Moen is also an accomplished writer with five romantic comedies to her credit. She enjoys hiking in the foothills (with her fur babies), roller skating and swimming.

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