5 Signs Your Home Has A Flea Infestation


While fleas are big enough to be seen (thank goodness!) it is easy to miss the signs of an infestation in your home until your dog (and you!) are literally crawling with pests. Look for these 5 following signs to catch a flea problem as quickly as possible:

#1 – Scratching & Biting

If your dog is constantly scratching and/or biting himself, he may have fleas. Don’t just assume it’s season allergies or an itch! Always check to be sure.

Image source: @DonnieRayJones via Flickr
Image source: @DonnieRayJones via Flickr

#2 –Flea “Dirt”

This is basically flea droppings and it will look like tiny black or red flecks on your dog – usually on their belly or by the base of the tail. Don’t assume it’s dirt, especially if your dog has been scratching and biting.

Image source: Thepetdoctorinc.com
Image source: Thepetdoctorinc.com

#3 – Red, Infected Skin

Dogs that are allergic to fleas or if they been scratching and biting a lot can develop red, infected skin. If you start seeing red, irritated or even bald skin, check for fleas.

Image source: Vetmed.vet.edu
Image source: Vetmed.vet.edu

#4 – Flea Larvae

Much harder to see than the actual fleas, the larvae are a dirty white in color and measure 3 to 5.2mm in length (www.orkin.com).

Image source: "Flea Larva" by Kalumet - self created 11/01/2006. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: “Flea Larva” by Kalumet – self created 11/01/2006. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

#5 – Small Bites on You

Do you find yourself scratching at what appears to be nothing? Look closer. If you have small red bumps on you it may be flea bites. If you’re getting bitten, chances are you have fleas in your bed.

Image source: Orkin.com
Image source: Orkin.com

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