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5 Undeniable Signs Your Havanese Loves You

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 22, 2023

Havanese dogs, characterized by their long, silky coats and expressive eyes, are known for their cheerful personalities and loving nature. Native to Cuba, these companionable canines love nothing more than to be by your side. If you’re lucky to be loved by a Havanese, here are five undeniable signs.

  1. The Constant Companion

The Havanese are often referred to as “Velcro dogs” for their tendency to stick close to their favorite human. If your Havanese follows you from room to room, preferring to be by your side at all times, it’s a sure sign of their love. They’re saying, “You are my world.”

  1. The Joyous Greeting

Havanese dogs are known for their enthusiastic greetings. If your Havanese rushes to the door, tail wagging and body shaking with excitement every time you arrive home, it’s their way of showing how much they’ve missed you. Their happy dance means, “I’m overjoyed to see you!”

  1. The Cuddly Affection

Havanese dogs love to cuddle. If your Havanese often snuggles up against you on the couch or tries to climb into your lap, it’s their way of showing their affection. These dogs are highly social and enjoy being close to their family members. This physical closeness is a clear sign they trust and love you.

  1. The Playful Antics

Havanese are playful and love engaging in fun activities. If your Havanese often initiates games, whether it’s fetch or tug-of-war, or shows off their toys to you, it’s a sign of their affection. They’re saying, “Let’s share in the fun!”

  1. The Loving Gaze

Havanese dogs have expressive eyes that seem to convey a world of emotions. If your Havanese often looks at you with a soft, loving gaze, it’s a sure sign of their love. They’re saying, “I adore you.”

Each Havanese dog is unique, but these five signs are common ways they express their affection. Recognizing and reciprocating their love can strengthen your bond and ensure your Havanese feels cherished.

The love of a Havanese is as warm as the Cuban sun, as expressive as their eloquent eyes, and as constant as their companionable nature. It’s a love that’s articulated through constant companionship, joyful greetings, cuddly affections, playful antics, and loving gazes. To be loved by a Havanese is to experience a bond that celebrates friendship, joy, shared moments of fun, and heartwarming affection. It’s a love that’s as cheerful as their personality and as loyal as their nature. A Havanese’s love is a heartwarming dance of affection and companionship that lightens your days, brightens your moments, and warms your heart. It’s a love that’s as comforting and warm as the silky touch of their coat, as constant as their companionable presence, and as heartwarming as their cheerful nature.

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