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5 Undeniable Signs Your Lab Loves You

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 18, 2023

There’s a reason why Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their affectionate nature, playful energy and uncanny ability to understand human emotions have led many of us to consider them as family members. But how do we know they love us back? Here are five undeniable signs your Lab loves you.

1. The Tail Wag

Every Lab parent is familiar with the tail-wagging welcome they receive when they come home. This isn’t just any tail wag, but an all-over body wag that seems to start at the nose and end at the tail. Your Lab’s enthusiastic and wholehearted greetings are a sure sign of their joy at your presence and an expression of their love for you.

2. The Eyes Have It

Your Lab’s expressive eyes can tell you volumes about their feelings. A loving Lab will maintain soft eye contact with you, but never in an intimidating or challenging way. It’s as if they’re trying to communicate their affectionate feelings without words. Studies have shown that when dogs and humans share a mutual gaze, both experience a rise in oxytocin, the ‘bonding hormone’, further strengthening your unique bond.

3. Cuddles and Nuzzles

Labs are notoriously cuddly dogs, often regarded as oversized lap dogs. They love nothing more than to be close to their humans and often express their love through physical contact. If your Lab nuzzles against you, rests its head on your lap, or seems to be a permanent fixture by your side, it’s because they feel safe and loved in your company.

4. The Playtime Factor

As high-energy dogs, Labs adore playtime, and sharing this activity with you is their idea of a perfect day. A Lab that frequently brings you toys, initiates games of fetch, or playfully nudges you with its nose is not just trying to keep fit; they’re inviting you into its world and showing its love through shared joy and excitement.

5. They’re Tuned into Your Emotions

Labs have an uncanny knack for reading human emotions. If you’ve noticed your Lab becoming more affectionate when you’re sad or unwell, that’s not a coincidence. Labs love their humans unconditionally, and when they sense you need extra comfort, they will try their best to provide it. This empathetic nature is one of their most endearing traits and a genuine sign of their love for you.

Understanding the signs of your Lab’s love can strengthen your bond and deepen your appreciation for each other. These lovable, loyal dogs show their affection in countless ways, both big and small, from the moment they bound into our lives. As their human, you’re their world, and their constant companionship, comfort, and joyful welcome make it abundantly clear: your Labrador Retriever loves you unconditionally.

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