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5 Undeniable Signs Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Loves You

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 23, 2023

Rhodesian Ridgebacks, known for their dignified demeanor, muscular build, and distinctive ridge running along their backs, are incredibly loyal and deeply affectionate dogs. If you’re a Rhodesian Ridgeback owner, here are five heartwarming signs that your majestic pet loves you.

  1. The Devoted Gaze

Rhodesian Ridgebacks possess expressive eyes that speak volumes. If your Ridgeback often maintains eye contact, giving you long, gentle looks, it’s a powerful sign of trust and love. Their gaze says, “You’re my world, and I feel safe with you.”

  1. The Gentle Lean

Ridgebacks are known for leaning into their human companions, a characteristic trait of this breed. If your Rhodesian Ridgeback leans into you when you’re sitting or standing together, they’re showing their affection and trust. Their lean says, “I love you and feel secure in your presence.”

  1. The Vigilant Guard

This breed is known for its protective instincts. If your Ridgeback often positions themselves between you and strangers or shows a vigilant attitude when you’re out together, they’re expressing their desire to keep you safe. Their protective nature says, “I love you, and I’ll guard you.”

  1. The Close Companion

Ridgebacks love to be where their people are. If your pet prefers to sleep near you, follows you around the house, or even keeps a close eye on you from a distance, it’s a clear sign of their affection. They’re saying, “I enjoy being with you.”

  1. The Playful Invitation

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are playful and enjoy participating in games with their loved ones. If your Ridgeback often brings you toys or initiates playtime, they’re expressing their joy and love for you. Their playfulness says, “I trust you, and I love our fun times together.”

Recognizing these signs and reciprocating their love will ensure your Rhodesian Ridgeback feels cherished and secure, deepening the bond you share.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback’s love is deep, strong, and steadfast. It’s a love expressed through long, understanding looks, comforting leans, protective instincts, constant companionship, and playful invitations. Being loved by a Rhodesian Ridgeback is an experience as unique and magnificent as their distinguishing ridge. It’s a love that comforts, protects, accompanies, and uplifts you. It’s a love that is as bold as their stance and as soft as their gaze, a love that is as steadfast as their loyalty and as joyous as their playfulness. To be loved by a Rhodesian Ridgeback is to experience a unique blend of affection, loyalty, companionship, and joy that warms the heart, eases the mind, and fills life with unending moments of happiness.

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